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We bring together spiritual Seekers, Initiates, and Mystics for self-mastery by learning the mystic arts, balancing our energetic fields, and awakening our higher consciousness so that we can create transformative and healing change within ourselves and across our beautiful planet.

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Along with the new platform, Spirit Mysteries now offers an exclusive App for all mobile platforms, bringing you a dedicated connected experience.

With crisp, clean navigation and a beautiful UI, Spirit Mysteries is now a unified community platform, complete with courses and events, making it easier than ever to explore 


Explore a wide array of topics - dedicated environments for you to connect with members around the world, and learn new things everyday.

These are personalized environments to focus on what you're most interested in learning about and discussing. 


Spaces are specialized environments, like private rooms for different members to learn together at many different levels. Three spaces are accessible to our three different levels of membership.

  • Spirit Lounge - Seeker Membership
  • Initiate Great Hall - Initiate Membership
  • Mystic Sanctum - Mystic Membership


Members are invited to select an interest out of a wide list of available options. You will then be instantly connected with all of the other members with the same interests as you.

A Community like no Other...

This is a sacred space free of judgement, harassment, or cruelty of any kind. When you enter into this community space, you are free to be your authentic self. 

Using the available resources of the platform, here you can... 

  • Connect with Members
  • Access the Live Community Chat
  • Publish Posts and Questions
  • Find members near you
  • Attend special events and workshops


Every day is an opportunity to learn something new. As a part of Spirit Mysteries, our courses are now designed to support and empower you on a multitude of levels.  

  • Learn Tarot and Astrology
  • Master the Art of Transformation
  • Discover the Secrets of Plant Medicine
  • Take courses on mastering your money
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While available on desktops and browsers too, the dedicated mobile app is the perfect resource to bring Spirit Mysteries with you, everywhere you go. 

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I am truly blessed to have found this wonderful life-resource - I have always believed I am a spiritual person but have been put off, almost repulsed at some of the ways that religion has been presented to me through my life. To date I am truly excited with what I have learned here at Spirit Science about true, ancient spirituality and what it can mean for my development as a spiritual being.

- Darren B -

Jordan and team, this Spirit mystery school is so much more than I thought it would be. I love every aspect of the way these mysteries are taught and the content that is covered. This creation (Spirit Mysteries) comes from a deep place of embodying every truth showed here, and that is why I feel such a resonance with it. Thank you for your dedication and the fantastic changes this will create in the world.

- NieNie W -

Since starting the 7-day process, my bodies awareness has developed. This has pushed my awakening process even more, and this is a beautiful investment. I journal each day, taking notes of the main day video(s) and usually taking notes for the supporting courses that cushion the knowledge being shared. my heart lives more actively and consistently in gratitude.

- Amir J -

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