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Your Life will completely evolve in just one week...

Without needing to learn any fancy spiritual techniques, experience a profound shift in your reality that will last a lifetime.

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People do not realize just how much power they have inside them.

If you are reading this, it means you have the insight and capacity to see beyond what the mainstream world tells you.

You have managed to keep your head afloat and stay interested in new ideas and opportunities.

That's no small feat, especially in today's collective consciousness.

Most people struggle to keep their head clear, their heart open, or their consciousness awake.

But why do some people succeed in life, and others flounder?

You're about to find out.


In This Exclusive Online Transformation You'll Discover…

  • How you’ve been looking at a fundamental spiritual system backwards, and how flipping this paradigm changes your reality.
  • Why 95% of your “spiritual learning” is not being applied into your life, and how through a new framework, you can make your spiritual practices practical.
  • Why, despite all of the “information” that you’ve learned about spirituality, you are still struggling with the basics – money, relationships, diet, etc. – and how to change that.
  • The step-by-step blueprint our initiates are using to increase their spiritual acumen and learn advanced techniques while staying grounded.
  • And much, much more…

Disclaimer: This opportunity Patchman is sharing is for those who are genuinely ready to step into something new. Every student in the program is required to do a lot of work. To be able to utilize this information you must be willing to show up for yourself and follow the steps to get the results.  This is NOT an “information only” course.  You will be given assignments and practices – i.e. homework – to do in between trainings. If you do nothing but show up, you will see no results. This is not for you if you are someone who wants a transformational experience without engaging in your own life.

The world is waiting for you!

This experience is designed to elevate and uplift you in the highest possible way.

Are you ready to step up your game?

Let's Do This!
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What's covered in the seven days?

The seven days of trainings are filled with wisdom teachings, activations, meditations, writing prompts and other exercises to practically ground in the lessons.

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Day 1

On Day 1, we will unearth a profound secret about the way the world works, and how when you activate a transcendent state of being you emerge into a new kind of reality that changes the way you experience life.

Day 2

On Day 2, we will recover something that was lost thousands of years ago, and with these ancient secret wisdom teachings... use them to transcened our present reality and limitations, and set the stage for a new one.

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Day 3

On Day 3, we will re-connect our inner creativity to the mystical teachings of Kabbalah and the Tree of Life, building upon our Self-realization and learning new techniques for easily achieving the receiving higher states of consciousness.

Day 4

On Day 4 we go deep into the heart of all things, and find alignment, understanding, and unity between the qualities and the polarities found in nature. Further learn how to cultivate mystical or divine revelation so as to unlock deeps wisdom in everyday experiences.

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Day 5

On Day 5 we build upon three sacred tools for personal transformation; reveal methods for more graceful vibrational evolution, and share with you how to rewire your subconscious to support your intentions in going beyond the old way.

Day 6

On Day 6 we are invited to go deeper into ourselves than we ever have gone before. Learn new methods for overcoming resistance and struggle, and master your emotions without spiritual bypassing.

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Day 7

On Day 7, you will integrate all of the experiences you have received and reclaim your sacred life. This is our grand finale class; everything is brought together and life begins anew! ūüéä


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When you step in this charged field, in anticipation of the live event, receive instant access today to the

Wisdom Workshop Series and Tarot Life Mastery

These two sacred offerings will help to prepare for what's to come...

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The Wisdom Workshop Series

Receive 8 hours+ of mystic preparation for your sacred sojourn into the realms within and beyond. Wisdom Teachings and Meditations explore everything from shadow work to integration, giving you everything you'll need to prepare for what's to come...



Tarot Life Mastery

A 14 hour course exploring a host of mystic wisdom teachings regarding the nature of Tarot and it's cosmic symbolism. Learn to read the map of the body of consciousness, and discover how to access a wealth of inner wisdom through this sacred tool...


With these at your disposal, you have everything you need...

The Early-Bird Special Has Been Extended...

Access the Course Now to Get it Today with our Special Bonuses ūüéČ

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Standalone Course

The Seven-Day Transformation Deluxe

  • 7¬†days and 32 hours of coursework
  • LIVE Access for the Community Event
  • Daily homework, readings & assignments
  • Spiritually and psychologically-based methodology
  • A proven system of transformation, with hundreds of testimonials
  • BONUS:¬†The Wisdom Workshop Series
  • BONUS: Tarot Life Mastery
  • Lifetime access
  • Money back guarantee
Normally $149

$99 One-Time


What others said about the last Seven-Day Transformation...


I feel very changed. I feel so grounded. I feel emotionally open. I feel more like me than I have in many many years. Thank you for your work and your dedication. It is so clarifying and inspiring. I love the Spirit Science videos but I never would have guessed the depth to which you do your work or care about people. Really amazing.

- Micah A. -

Wow !! Thank you for sharing such amazing teachings.. through this course my vibration has raised over and over again and my connection with self and spirit have grown so much.

- Lee M. - 

Jordan and team, this Spirit mystery school is so much more than I thought it would be. I love every aspect of the way these mysteries are taught and the content that is covered.

This creation (Spirit Mysteries) comes from a deep place of embodying every truth taught here and that is why I feel such a resonance with it.

Thank you for your dedication and the amazing changes this will create in the world.

- Nienie W. -

This 7 Day transformation came at the right time in my life. With everything going on, I feel very blessed and like now is the right time to raise my awareness and consciousness.

It seems as though the Universe has presented me with the right opportunity to really explore my life and deep dive into who I am, what I really want, my problems and struggles, the obstacles in my path, how to overcome them, and how to step into a new Life of pure awesomeness, with no judgement or distractions blocking my path!

Thank you Jordan and thank you to the Universe for everything that is happening in my life today.

- David S. -

 This place seems to have its own dynamic, and through the higher support from above, it allows for the rapid…. everything! Like we are living in this still kind of dense reality, but this place is like a bubble that allows...well, us Old Souls to do things at our own pace.

- Anonymous Initiate -

Amazing meditation! Love the positive affirmations, that I read out loud everyday! Spirit Science changed my life already in a short amount of time. Thanks so much for everything! 

- Michelle I. -

So many changes in my life … unreal and exhilarating !!! Thanks for making the course allowing me to adjust the time (I know there is no time)/lesions to my own speed and needs... Feeling blessed by living the dream... or better... "Dreaming my Life"
- Heike A. - 

I'm focusing on the heart and immersing myself in the mystery of the world around me. I'm going to trust that I will know when it's time to take my leap.

Thank you for this course, I've really grown a lot in the last five days.

- Walter P. - 

I really appreciate everything that goes into these videos. The animation, the thorough explanations...so much patience and love goes into your work and you can feel that.

I feel so blessed to have the conscious awareness that I have! It's helping me to help heal others heal themselves. It's only going up from here! Thank you for also being a catalyst for many movements in my existence.

- Iman -




If you go through this entire course and get absolutely no value out of it at all, let us know within 14 days and we will happily refund your money!

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