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A Home for the Modern Mystic

Spirit Mysteries is a place for spiritual seekers to gather, learn, and grow together. Complete with classes, events, and a full community centre, Spirit Mysteries is a spiritual nexus for you to elevate and transform your life.


Spirit Mysteries is a true seekers dream come true. As a student of the mysteries, I can attest to the long and sometimes complicated and demanding road we must travel in becoming not just students, but integrators of the mysteries.

There is no one book that can initiate you into this learning and even though there are systems and orders through which it can be studied.....the truest attainment is being able to follow your intuition to your own best way to unlock this information inside yourself. Upon spending over a year with Jordan’s deck and Patch Tarot book, it was obvious to me that he had truly done the multi layered work of seeking out this knowledge, integrating it into himself and finding, through his ability to listen to his guidance, the best and most relevant way to teach this information.

Since the work itself is dynamic in nature and requiring the steady flow through all aspects of ourselves, it requires a dynamic platform. Spirit mysteries has embodied that for me perfectly. For the student who had been doing their work alone, spirit mysteries becomes a dynamic environment of confirmation, collaboration, and the capability to truly share and learn about these topics with people who share our passion for them.

Personally it has taken everything I have learned by myself and expanded it, deepened it and taken it all to a new level of comprehension......and I have only been here a short while. For the beginner who has the passion for the mysteries but has not yet acquired the information, THIS WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

Here you will have lessons you can watch again and again discussing the myriad of realms involved in the mysteries. Not only this but you will have the support of the spirit community to learn from personally to help you along and to have those profound discussions that help awaken the reality of the concepts you are studying. No matter what level of learning you are working with, you will feel at home here and have opportunities to accelerate your growth process at whatever pace you are capable of moving. I highly recommend giving Spirit Mysteries a chance.

 - Amy D. - 

Jordan! πŸ–πŸ˜ You have done such a great job with spirit science! The light that has been manifested from it I feel is a beacon of hope, and inspiration for many. πŸ˜‰πŸ‘The work you, patchman, and I'm sure many others collaborated on is truly a masterpiece! May peace, love, and understanding guide you through all your travels! πŸ’™

- Jeff P. -


Thank you for all of your work! The videos you produce have been instrumental in my personal awakening! Words cannot describe how life changing things have become lately but I’m comforted to know I’m not alone feeling this way.πŸ™

- Matthew T. -


I just want to say a heart-filled thank you for doing what you guys for what you do here and this video. I came across Qabala a few years ago but I was on my own. So very little made sense. It was given to me by an old man who died and so I feel connected to it. Anyway. This information and the links to kabbalah revealed really shined a light. I’m forever in your debt. Thanks again!!!

- Raja -


I want to thank everyone who works so hard on spirit science.  For you have changed my life forever! I’m sure I’m not the only one who has learned a tremendous amount of spirituality and I’m am so blessed to have stumbled across these videos.  Thank you πŸ™

- A Amerighi -

Jordan River organized and delivered a fantastic Tarot Life Mastery workshop. I was impressed by how much I learned in 2 days. I enjoyed the connections he made between Tarot and other mystic arts - astrology, Hermetics, and Qabbalah, to name a few. Jordan is very knowledgeable, delivering the workshop from the heart without referencing notes. He’s authentic and approachable. I appreciated how Jordan provided me with valuable feedback on my journey. He helped me to make a positive shift in my Tarot card reading abilities over the weekend. I’m able to go deeper within to gain more insight. I look forward to attending future events!

- Leila J. -


Hey Jordan, First of all, I just wanna thank you for all the hard work and effort you put into everything you do for Spirit Science, Spirit Science has truly changed my life, I have probably watched all the videos on the YouTube channel thre times over, they really have helpped me more than you will know. So thank you from the bottom of my heart for that. I also want to thank you for this three day Tarot coarse, I am super hungry for the info and eager to learn, the analergies you use are so simple and make such perfect sence. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Love and light, always.

- Raymond C. -

To the Awesome Spirit Science Team, I just wanted to thank you so much for creating these videos! They have helped bridge the gap between my rational, scientific brain and my spiritual heart 🀯🌈❀. I feel like everything makes so much more sense now ~ you’ve connected all the pieces I have collected throughout my spiritual journey and helped to create a beautiful mosaic of consciousness, enlightenment, unity and universal potential 🌏🌠. I have never felt so inspired or enlightened. What’s more, my brother and I deeply resonated as Indigo Children and were able to see our childhood and the course of our lives from an entirely different perspective. And we are half-siblings that grew up half-way across the world from each other and have formed a beautiful friendship in recent years. We even share yin and yang tattoos! So thank you for helping to connect the dots in a format that speaks to visual, scientific and spiritual beings such as myself, and helping to make the world a better place πŸŒβ€πŸ§‘πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸŒŸ

- Sophia L. -

Thanks again Jordan. Also special thanks to patch man and all y'all do together. You may not know it but you helped me in a very... like really dark time in my life. There aren't words to describe it. Honestly I think trying to describe it would do it an injustice. Lol Thanks again man. You're an inspiration and have inspired me to inspire others to learn more about this multidimensional journey. Ugh... almost wish I did have the words. Just thanks man. You've done a lot.

 - Beau S. -

The deck is just amazing, the detail on each card is wonderful. I feel like I've been growing on my spiritual journey alongside spirit science for like 7 years now and the cards are just the next evolution of that journey. My favorite cards are the Royal Arcana, and exploring how masculine and feminine energy flow through the elements! Thank you Jordan and Spirit Team for expanding the universe in a such beautiful way and blessing so many in the process. Much love from North Carolina USA!! <3

- Michael C. -

WE LOVE YOU GUYS!! Years ago my friend told me he had a video to show me and he said it was amazing, it was the human history movie😁 and it changed my life forever. Your video woke me up! Before I was shown that video I lived a very depressed life with no drive, and now I know myself on the deepest levels and that helps me to help my family in the best ways possible. So I thank you guys and girls for being there for the world and everyone in it❀️

- Corey G. -


The first time I saw one of your videos, which was on your first channel when they were a bit longer lol, my mind was literally blown! I never really understood spirituality because my heart belonged to science. Science was the only reasonable notion. I went to catholic school but I always thought the christian religion or any religion for that matter was bogus. It was when I came across Spirit Science that my entire perspective on life had changed within moments. It finally all made sense. You guys made a connection between science and spirituality that changed my way of thinking forever. Since then, I plan on learning all there is to know about spirit science and how I can apply all that knowledge to my research and my everyday life. I just wanted to thank you for opening me up to new ideas that broadened my mind and soul. <3


- Victoria M. -


Just wanted to say I love how you all really stick to passionately sharing love and understanding among the human race. After my mom died I was lost, facing questions of my own mortality and such. After I found Spirit Science it really made sense to me not everything did, but enough to question my existence and after doing so I began to really wake up and realize my own place in the world. I have since opened my eyes and heart to the philosophies and understandings of what the nature of our existence is. I started seeking mediums and have since actually reconnected with my mom on the other side. At any rate I shall digress and simply say thank you all for putting this information out there for the masses, it most certainly helped open my eyes and take me out of a difficult point in life to one not so painful. Keep up the work, we all enjoy every video that gets posted >.<

- John B. -


You have changed my life and my son’s life. Thanks. You be at peace, be blessed, be safe always. We enjoy your learning you pass on. Blessed.

- Frankinnfay -


Needed this today. Thank you for always being a source of love and light in my life. Spirit Science changed my life when I found it years ago. This work you do is so impactful. I’m so grateful for you and your teamπŸ’œ

- Tori M. -


I’m so amazed how These videos changed my life. I’ve been watching them for years. Thank you Spirit Science for helping humanity Reach Consciousness.

- Melissa G. -


I admire the work that has been created and presented to me, as well as I am in awe of Spirit Science's energy and have found rejuvenation through applied introspection :) Through the lens of mundane distraction in a blind spiritually disconnected world I have not found a more evolutionary platform to ascend upon towards conscious planetary co-creation :) The presence of this evolutionary canon has outshined and overcame the density determined to deteriorate the Love connecting this planetary collective and overwhelmed me with appreciation of myself. I can not imagine power of greater change than the powerful change Spirit Science has created. As everyday dawns so too does my curiosity of what limits creation, ourself, and I will lift :)

With Loving Light I am thankful for being a witness to this wonder brought to the world and the monumental support it has provided me :)

- Bryant L. -


I have soooo much to thank you guys have changed my life COMPLETELY FROM become Extremely open minded to creating my own realty to spreading Love, kindness and supporting friends in becoming more health conscious🌈  We are one and now I see we are connected i feel the Change and the impact!

- Melissa G. -


I want everyone to know this video, and many others after this changed my life. I am happy and whole when before I was sick with the pain of this world. Listen and apply these things to your life. You will not be disappointed. Reminds me of the 2012 when I first learned about this. Thank you spirit science. You are amazing.

- Cassie X -


You guys have changed my families life, starting with diet you helped us stop eating meat!! After that we started thinking deeper and more about the future now we have an amazing business thank you we love you!

- Bryson C. -


It’s surreal coming back to this video after 6 years. Wow. I can honestly say Spirit Science changed my life. I would not be the person I am today if it weren’t for this series. Thank you! πŸ’“

- Claudia V. -



- Teddy L. -


Wow!! Goosebumps for days!! A little over a year ago I saw your first episode and it changed my life. It put everything into perspective on the level that I get. There aren’t words to express my gratitude for the work everyone puts into spirit science and other sites and books involved with universal love. Thank you!!!! I feel so much love when I see and hear your videos!! God send is all I can think of. If you can feel the energy in this message please pull the love out. My intentions here are of sharing my love with you in the form of one love. The Field is what this is I am guessing. Much Love my Friends. πŸ™πŸ»πŸ˜‡πŸ’–

- Monica -


Thank you so much Spirit Studios!!! Your YouTube videos and education pieces have changed my life remarkably. I cannot day enough great and wonderful things about the work you do. Thank you so much, so very much, for being a guide when one was desperately needed. The insights have been amazing, and the knowledge have been astounding. Again, thank you and best wishes to you all!

- Sylvana Holguin -


The videos of your channel quite precisely changed my life. I am so thankful for your work!  πŸ’œ  Spirit science introduced me to concepts of multi-dimensionals, energy, unknown human history and other incredible perspectives with considerable evidence. The name of your channel is just the best. When our spirit and our scientific knowledge come together, miracles do happen. Lots of love to you and your whole teamπŸ’œ

- Debasmita D. -

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