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A Whole New World

Welcome to the Elixir Worldbuilding Community, where you are invited to be a part of something truly extraordinary.

Embark on a journey that will not only captivate your imagination, but also facilitate the evolution of consciousness. The Elixir Worldbuilding Community is a place where our visionary minds can shape this story beyond the limits that any single individual could tell alone. 

In this community, we believe that storytelling is one of the most powerful tools we have to facillitate change and transformation in the world. By joining this space, you have the opportunity to contribute to a grand narrative that explores the depths of human potential and what consciousness is really all about. 

A Reflection of Ourselves

The World of Elixir is based on our human consciousness today. The map behind this text depicts the world where this story takes place, which looks like a heart. The two rival kingdoms (Ossic and Feron) represents the left brain and right brain at odds with each other, and through the story we unravel the paradox of these hemispheres within our human consciousness today, and discover the healing of body and mind with Love and Truth.

The Flower of Life

The main turning point of the story takes place when the protagonist discovers The Flower of Life in a secret cavern, following his Exile from his home and kingdom. The flower, depicted here, is a living crystal chalice brimming with energy and a purifying Elixir, which purifies our hero's body and gives him a new ability that nobody would ever have anticipated. This event sets things in motion in the world that leads to a massive transformation for everyone and everything!

And this is only he beginning of the story...

What's Included Inside...

The Full Story Revealed... 

The essential story is shared in a series of segments from a long private zoom call we recorded several years ago. This is a foundation that we will work off of and continue to develop together. 

Concept Art & Commentaries

Have a look at a bunch of concept art that we've made, along with AI generated images. You can also use AI art generation tools to generate scenes from the series as a way of supporting the project!

Community Feed & Chat

Discuss the story, plot ideas and devices, hunt for issues within the world so that we can bring it to life in the most complete way possible. Team Work makes the Dream Work!

Early Access to Everything

As new scenes are animated and episodes are created, you'll get to watch them first before they debut on Youtube and social media! Who knows, maybe we'll even produce Elixir merch, and you can help pick the best designs! 

And more as we go...

As our community space continues to develop, further features and benefits will be added for all members.

The Adventure Begins Here...

Worldbuilding Community


One Time Payment

Enter the space for life, and tell a story like no other that exists.


  • Full Access to the Story Breakdown.
  • Community Environments for Discussion & Worldbuilding.
  • Concept Art, World Map, and Commentaries on the Original Videos.
  • Early Access to new episodes as they are produced.
  • Further opportunities to participate in the development and telling of the story.¬†
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Elixir Pro-Builder


One Time Payment

Write yourself into the story with Jordan (Patchman) directly.


  • Everything in the Worldbuilding Community, PLUS...
  • Three two-hour live one-on-one sessions with Jordan River.
  • Have yourself written into the story.
  • Voice-act your own character (if you like) when that part of the story is animated and told.¬†

Limit 7 Seats

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