Spirit Mysteries is a platform for the evolution of consciousness, offering community, courses, events, and gatherings each week supporting members in their own personal transformation.

Each day, members from around the world connect with each other to explore the mysteries of life, and strive to create a better world for us all.


Three Levels of Membership


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Only $1/mo

Become a Seeker


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$9/mo or $99/year

Become an Initiate


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Invitation Only

Our Courses

Spirit Mysteries exists to give you all of the tools and resources you need to step into a higher vibration and live life to the fullest. Within the course there is a wide variety of classes & material for you to explore from the Mystic Arts to Plant Medicine.

Note - You do not need a membership to access a course.

The Seven-Day Transformation

Starting at $27

Over the course of one week, you will take a crown-chakra approach to your life and the whole universe, and then apply it to your life down the chakra spectrum every day until you arrive at the end, grounding all of that higher awareness and wisdom into your physical body.

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The 12D Shield Lightbody Activation

Starting at $3

The 12D Shield is a deep and powerful guided meditation designed to clear your energetic field of psychic attacks, energy vampires, and other auric manipulations. It will also fortify you with a robust protective area so that it is easy for you to grow and shine like the light that you are.

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Spirit Medicine Walkers

The ultimate masterclass on transformative psychedelic plant medicine. Discover the nature of these substances, how and why they work, where you go when you use them, and how to steer the experience into an elevated state of consciousness, along with grounding the afterglow into your body for lasting results.

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Patch Tarot Masters

Starting at $199

Patch Tarot Masters is the definitive workshop on the subject of Tarot. It comprises of over 150 hours of workshop material, covering in-depth each and every card in the tarot with exceptional detail.

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Tarot Life Mastery

Starting at $27

This is our introductory course for Tarot and the Mystic Arts, for anyone getting started with Tarot, Astrology, Numerology, Qabalah, the Tree of Life, Hermetics, and more. 

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Spiritual Money Mastery

Starting at $27

Energy loves to flow, this is a natural law that we can see in nature, in nature, and within ourselves too. Money too is energy, and this course will show you how that works.

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The Evolution of Humanity

Starting at $3

This complete workshop from Rythmia includes nearly 5 hours of content exploring the fall of Atlantis, the evidence and the Mystery, and what it means for us today. You will also dive deep into how you can evolve your consciousness to the highest degree, and what humanity may look like in the decades to come...

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The Seven-Day Money Mindset Challenge

Starting at $5

Use this course, complete with meditations, videos, exercises and more to completely shift your financial paradigm in just one week! 

Warning: You may manifest cash!

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The Secret Language of Money

Starting at $49

Use ancient mystic teachings through Qabalah and the Tree of Life to discover the secret language of money. In learning this language, you can chart a course to never have to worry about money ever again.

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The Library of Transformational Materials

Access through an Initiate Membership

This collection of sacred and transformative videos from across human consciousness are of a specific resonance that will support you in raising your vibration and changing your life!

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The Mystic Archives

Access through a Mystic Membership

This sacred library of past group-coaching sessions provides every Mystic with a library of wisdom and a treasure trove of fortune for their ease of reference.

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The Spirit Science Collection

Access through Seeker Membership

A complete library of every Spirit Science video ever. What's better, it's ad-free! Support Spirit Science and get access to early videos for only $1/month. 

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Spirit Conspiracies

Access through Seeker Membership

What "they" don't want you to see. These days, the mainstream media outlets can ban content at the snap of a finger. Their algorithms decide what you see, and when you see it. This is an exclusive look at the biggest conspiracy content - free of censorship.

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The Meditation Library

Access through Initiate Membership

A library of exclusive meditations you can use to create peace, abundance, and more fulfillment in your life. 

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The Chamber of Secrets

Access through Initiate Membership

This is a sacred chamber of many secrets shared amongst initiates from past events, workshops, and lunar ceremonies.

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Events & Activities

Members of Spirit Mysteries are invited to participate in live workshops and events on a weekly basis. Every month we hold over 50 events to engage with the community for shared learning and collective evolution.

These events are available at the Initiate Level and up.

Wisdom Moon Ceremonies

Every Full Moon, Initiates and Mystics gather together on a live call to explore a sacred subject with great depth. No stone is left un-turned as we go deeper into new subjects every full moon that passes.

Manifestation Moon Ceremonies

Every New Moon, Initiates and Mystics gather together in a live-stream to support each other in living our dreams, through conscious intention and purposeful meditation. 


Breath is life. Join us each week as we deepen our capacity for breath and raise our awareness of its ebb and flow as a tool and a gift.

Spirit Circle

A bi-weekly gathering for all members to come together, share ideas, discuss life events, work through challenges and create healing and higher awareness together. 


Every day brings a new opportunity to meditate. Members connect live to meditate and strengthen their connection to the divine through group meditation and social engagement.


Every week, Initiates and Mystics gather together on a live call to practice Yoga together, to breathe in harmony, and bring fresh energy into their lives. 

Mystic Life Support

**Mystic Exclusive

Mystic Life Support is a bi-weekly meeting amongst mystics for energy work, wisdom teachings, group exercises and focused and personalized coaching and training. 

Become an Initiate

The Spirit Mysteries App

Whether you prefer iOS, Android, or a good-ol browser - Spirit Mysteries is available to you! 

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