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It only takes a week to change EVERYTHING!

Discover the method that hundreds of people have used to create deep and lasting transformation in their lives! 

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A Home for the Modern Mystic

Welcome to Spirit Mysteries, the ultimate home for cultivating deep spiritual transformation, and embodying massive change in the world. If you are someone who is ready to take your life to the next level, Spirit Mysteries the place for you. 


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Moon Gatherings
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The Emerald Tablets of Thoth:

The Aquarian Edition

One of the most influential, profound and transformative ancient texts - The Emerald Tablets - now updated for our New Age. These treasures were hidden from humanity for centuries, translated in the early 19th century, and are now accessible in our modern language.

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Spirit Mysteries exists to give you all of the tools and resources you need to step into a higher vibration and live life to the fullest. Within the course there is a wide variety of classes & material for you to explore from Hermeticism to Plant Medicine, with more classes and videos added regularly!

Spirit Mysteries Initiation

The Initiation is a 7-Day program to begin your journey into Spirit Mysteries. Herein you will receive a complete "download" of spiritual information and instruction on life transformation, and begins your initiation into the Spirit Mysteries.

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The Evolution of Humanity

This complete workshop takes you back into the ancient past to explore the remnants of an ancient civilization, how society changed and evolved over the generations, and what it means for all of us right now. 

Tarot Life Mastery

Tarot Life Mastery is a complete 14 hour workshop designed to introduce you to the essential structure of Tarot, and provide you with instructions on how you can use this powerful tool in a practical way to understand life and evolve across the board. 

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The Library of Transformational Materials

This digital library comes as a bonus with every enrollment in Spirit Mysteries, and is a collection of our favourite sources of spiritual wisdom and information from across the internet, collected and made readily accessible for you!

Patch Tarot Masters

Patch Tarot Masters is the ultimate workshop in Patch Tarot (and maybe even Tarot in general!). Explore the esoteric mysteries to remarkable depth, and learn the nature of mystic alchemy and how the whole universe comes together within you.    

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Spirit Science Commentaries

In this series, the creator of Spirit Science sits down to watch his old videos, and provide some commentaries on the videos, some behind the scenes, and additional thoughts on the material.

Spirit Medicine Walkers 

Spirit Medicine Walkers is a series exploring Plant Medicine, and how to steer the medicine so that you can guarantee you will emerge on the other side with an elevated state of consciousness than ever before. (Preview Available - Full Series coming Soon!)

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The 12D Shield

Spirit Mysteries offers several guided meditations, including a one of a kind meditation called "The 12D Shield Auric Cleansing and Activation" - an especially powerful guided meditation designed to clear your energetic field of psychic attacks, energy vampires, and other auric manipulations, and fortify you with a strong protective field so that it is easy for you to grow and shine like the light that you are! 

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Moon Gatherings

Within Spirit Mysteries, initiates are invited to come together on the Full and New moons for our special workshops, the Wisdom Moons, and the Manifestation Moons. 

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Manifestation Moons

Every New Moon, initiates gather together in a live-stream to support each other in living our dreams, through conscious intention and purposeful meditation. 

Wisdom Moons

Every Full Moon, we gather together on a live call to explore aspects of the mysteries, astrology, and shifting into new paradigms. 

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What Initiates are Saying...

"I was having a very hard time trying to get myself into the right energy for positive change but now I just feel so charged with positivity and gratitude for my situation. Thank you all for helping my shift from a state of problems to a state of solutions."



"I have soooooo much energy! I haven’t felt this good in a while. Thanks for your help you guys!"


I feel amazingly refreshed and much more open. Thank you all for this amazing breath of exciting opportunities and growth ^^

-Kurt H.

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Spirit Mysteries offers a private community centre to discuss and explore your spirituality openly, free of trolls, haters, and negativity. 

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Spirit Family

Spirit Family is a large spiritual community platform for seekers worldwide to gather together, connect, and share in the spiritual discoveries and growth we are all going through. This sacred space is free of negativity and hate, so you are open to share with the safety of knowing that here, you are among family.

Discord Server

Spirit Mysteries also features a live-chat in Discord, to support you in connecting with other members in real-time! This will be the platform we use to build connections during the live streams!

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Spirit Mysteries App

All of Spirit Mysteries, from the course videos to the community, can be accessed anywhere on any device, with a dedicated app for smartphones to make your experience with Spirit Mysteries the best it can possibly be! 

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If you fully complete The Seven-Day Transformation, complete the homework and implement the strategies, you will experience a meaningful personal transformation, and if you don't, we will happily refund your money within 30 days!

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Disclaimer: This opportunity Patchman is sharing is for those who are genuinely ready to step into something new. Every student in the program is required to do a lot of work.

To be able to utilize this information you must be willing to show up for yourself and follow the steps to get the results.  This is NOT an “information only” course.  You will be given assignments and practices – i.e. homework – to do in between trainings. If you do nothing but show up, you will see no results. This is not for you if you are someone who wants a transformational experience without engaging in your own life.

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