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We offer live ongoing courses, weekly events like breathwork and meditation, as well as thriving community meet-ups, all designed to support you in your personal journey of the soul. 

Each day, members from around the world learn and share in the mysteries of life, and thus create a better world for us all.

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The Mystery School Experience

The Initiate Membership gives you access to the best of Spirit Mysteries.

You'll save big on your spiritual education and step into a higher vibration and live life to the fullest, free of the social dogma of the limited mainstream thinking. Within each course there are hours of material for you to explore from the Mystic Arts to Plant Medicine.

Activate Your Lightbody

You are a body of light, made of pure energy and consciousness. This four-week transformation takes you through a process that will raise your vibration so quickly, that you will increase your telepathy and other miracles in your life.

The Seven-Day Transformation

Start at the top of the head, and bring the cosmic energy of the universe through your chakras in just one week. Ground it all in by Day 7 by planting the wisdom in your body.

The 12D Shield Experience

A powerful guided meditation designed to clear your energetic field of psychic attacks, energy vampires, and other auric manipulations. Will provide continued auric protection for a time after.

The Hermetica

Pour your mind into an ancient understanding with the writings attributed to Thoth/Hermes himself. This foundational series will bring you a fullness of understanding about the nature of reality.

The History of Magick

Explore the Occult. Traverse the tides of history to learn Ceremonial Magick & Philosophy. The definitive course encompassing the evolution of the Western Mystery Tradition.

Tarot Life Mastery

A foundational series for those called to understand Tarot, and through it Astrology, Numerology, Qabalah, the Tree of Life, Hermetics, and how to use these systems together for a harmonious life. 

Spirit Wealth Builders

Discover how money is energy and how to manifest more in your life - and work with others in a community environment to grow the collective wealth and wisdom about all things currency.

The Seven-Day Money Mindset Challenge

A week-long transformation challenge complete with meditations, videos, exercises and more. Shift your financial paradigm in no time at all.

The Evolution of Humanity

This complete workshop from Rythmia includes nearly 5 hours of content exploring the fall of Atlantis, the evidence and the Mystery, and what it means for us today. You will also dive deep into how you can evolve your consciousness to the highest degree, and what humanity may look like in the decades to come...

Patch Tarot Masters

Patch Tarot Masters is the definitive workshop on the subject of Tarot. It comprises of over 150 hours of workshop material, covering in-depth each and every card in the tarot with exceptional detail.

The Meditation Library

A library of homemade meditations you can use to create inner balance, receive wisdom, awaken and ascend to higher consciousness, and draw in an abundance of laughter, love, and joy.

The Temple of Flow

An ongoing community space filled with weekly meditations, breathwork, yoga, and other class recordings that you can use to keep up with your spiritual practice, and stay synchronized with a community. 

Stories from the School

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Weekly Events That Support Your Passions and Purpose

Your Spirit Mysteries Membership includes a special event every weekday to keep you focused on your goals and sacred intentions. You can attend these events from anywhere in the world, creating lifelong friendships and a stable self-care practice that supercharges your soul.


Community Breathwork

Get High On Your Own Supply!

Join us twice a week to unlock the powers of our breath:

  • Releasing stress and tension
  • Balancing your mood
  • Establishing trust between your body and soul
  • Creating your very own mystical experience naturally

Guided Meditations

From mindfulness to lightbody activation, each meditation has its own special intention to help you ride the waves of energy you're facing in the present moment. When you sync your vibration with the rest of the community in meditation, you bring a unique flavor of peace, wisdom, and harmony to your energy field and the Collective Consciousness. 

Livestream Book Readings

Get to the Heart of Wisdom every week with a new "storytime" session - led by Jordan River (founder of Spirit Mysteries). Together, we explore the greatest tales of all time, from sacred texts to life-changing fantasy novels.
Currently, we're reading "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coehlo.

Plus, Create Your Own Events!

Included in your Initiate Membership is the ability to create your own events in the Initiate Great Hall.

Want to play some music or share your art? Ready to try a new form of ritual or meditation with your friends? Create a Zoom call or live video that matches your Calling, and spread the Love!


Become a Spirit Mysteries Initiate to Start

  • Full access to Spirit Mysteries complete course library of wisdom teachings and practices for transforming your life with higher consciousness.
  • Weekly Spirit Mysteries community events through storytelling, breathwork events, group meditations, and courses. 
  • Access to Spirit Mysteries private social network, where you can connect, share wisdom, and evolve with fellow members in your area and around the world.
  • Full Refund in 14 days so your purchase is completely safe.


Initiate Membership

As an Initiate, you are entering a community of growth-oriented thinking, and are invited to events and activities that support you to truly realize your innermost self, and fully embody the light of your Soul.


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