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Spirit Mysteries strives to create a place for spiritual seekers to gather, learn, share, and grow together. Complete with classes, events, and a full community centre, Spirit Mysteries supports you in elevating your life to new levels.


Spirit Mysteries exists to give you all of the tools and resources you need to step into a higher vibration and live life to the fullest. Within the course there is a wide variety of classes & material for you to explore from Hermeticism to Plant Medicine, with more classes and videos added regularly!

Tarot Life Mastery

Tarot Life Mastery is a 14 hour workshop designed to introduce you to, and walk you through, the essential structure of Tarot, and provide you with instructions on how you can use Tarot in your daily life in a practical way to the benefit of your spiritual growth. 

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Patch Tarot Masters
(Launching Jan 15)

Patch Tarot Masters is the ultimate workshop in Patch Tarot (and maybe even Tarot in general!). This is a certification course teaching you not only the depths of Tarot, but how to do readings for others. 

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Spirit Walkers (Coming 2020)

Spirit Walkers is a series exploring the nature of Plant Medicine, and how to steer the medicine so that you can guarantee you will emerge on the other side with an elevated state of consciousness than ever before.

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The Evolution Series
(Coming 2020)

The Evolution Series is a 7-Week program exploring the deepening of our spiritual evolution as it relates practically to all aspects of life, using the Chakras as a framework.

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Get Certified

Completing Patch Tarot Masters provides you with a certificate of proof that you have taken the course, and are professionally trained to give Tarot readings. 


Spirit Mysteries offers a private community centre to discuss and explore your spirituality openly, free of trolls, haters, and negativity. 

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Spirit Family

Spirit Family is a large spiritual community platform for seekers worldwide to gather together, connect, and share in the spiritual discoveries and growth we are all going through. This sacred space is free of negativity and hate, so you are open to share with the safety of knowing that here, you are among family.

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Discord Server

Spirit Mysteries also features a live-chat in Discord, to support you in connecting with other members in real-time! This will be the platform we use to do practice Tarot readings as apart of Patch Tarot Masters.

Spirit Mysteries App

All of Spirit Mysteries, from the course videos to the community, can be accessed anywhere on any device, with a dedicated app for smartphones to make your experience with Spirit Mysteries the best it can possibly be! 

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