When the door closes, a portal opens...

The Season of the Centaur

November 22 to December 21st

This year, our final full zodiacal season is Sagittarius. 

Sagittarius offers you the opportunity to excel in momentum towards that which you seek and create. It is this opportunity which leads to a set-up for the next cycle into 2022 the best it can be. 

Watch this video and learn about what cycles are closing, and how to get the most out of the final chapter of 2021.

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A Season Free of Stress

(We're canceling Black Friday)

Normally, holiday stress starts just before Black Friday, and goes all the way until New Years. 

We'd like to do something different this year. So instead...

From now until December 21st, the entire Spirit Shop is 35-50% off!

This way you can relax, take your time, and not stress about Black Friday or time constraints for Holiday shopping.

May these sacred items support you in elevating your consciousness and bringing love to the word.

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This season also comes a new generation of Spirit Shirt...


The Heart Chakra Spirit Shirt


Long Sleeves

Organic Bamboo



What more could you need? 

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2022 Is Almost Here...

Let us close the door on this year and open a door to a bright future, together.

Watch our Replay of the "Season of the Sagittarius" Event!


Welcome to the season of the centaur… the best place to prepare for what’s coming.

Sagittarius is the crafty archer of the zodiac who teaches us not only how to survive, but thrive. 

Are you ready?

2022 starts off with a bang...and it’s not just New Year fireworks.

Venus Retrograde literally starts on January 1st, shedding light on our personal values and relationships. Only 14 days after that, Mercury goes retrograde too, in close conjunction with both Venus and Pluto in Capricorn!

Think of it like this: the god of knowledge is dancing with the goddess of love in the Devil’s backyard.

While it’s true that this could create misunderstandings (especially if we become rigid and take ourselves way too seriously)…every single “mistake” is a chance to flex our energetic muscles, create healthier boundaries, and master the art of manifestation.

Even if you’re skeptical about astrology, you can consider these cosmic movements opportunities to explore the archetypes and pathways within you.

As a conscious community, we can choose the path of introspection, change, and evolution. We can dance together in alignment with the heavens.

Believe it or not, it is possible to fully change our experience into something even greater than it’s ever been, and the way we do that is together.

Let’s start 2022 the right way, by being in resonance with the cosmic flow and taking the time now to prepare - by relaxing, closing our cycles, and allowing ourselves to enter a portal of rebirth and regeneration

The ending begins the beginning, and the beginning ends the end.

To embrace this, we’re putting our entire shop on clearance throughout all of Sagittarius season.

This includes:

  • Patch Tarot
  • Spirit Shirts (including the brand new Heart Chakra Shirt - first of its kind!)
  • Spirit Pants
  • Books (like The Book of Patch and The 2022 Almanac of the New Age)

On sale for 35% off or more!

Don’t worry. When Black Friday comes around… We’re not going to blast you with ads like everyone else.

No, on Black Friday, we’re going to be holding Crystal Friday instead! 

Because if you learn anything from both Sagittarius and Capricorn...it’s that you are a powerful creator and you deserve to be celebrated as such - whether you’re working, playing, or resting.

We hope that in some small way, we can contribute to the energy around this time of year being more peaceful, relaxed, and harmonious. The more we focus on harmony now, the easier it will be to manifest our heart’s purest intentions in 2022. Together, let’s cultivate high spirits, physical well-being, and an exceptional state of mind.

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Holiday Offerings

Spirit Apparel

Hand-made Spirit Clothing inspired by Spirit Science. Everything is made with love and intention.

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Patch Tarot

Expand your toolbox with our Tarot Deck, Divination Cloth, Wall Tapestries, and More!

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Modern Day Esoteric Texts by Spirit Science to help broaden perspectives and breakdown paradigms.

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Spirit Medicine Walkers Returns!

After months of being unavailable, Spirit Medicine Walkers is back, encompassing 30+ hours of transformational wisdom and material about Psychedelics and Mystic States of Consciousness!

For Season of the Centaur, enjoy 50% off your enrollment in this course.

Use the link below to learn more and sign up.

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Spirit Apparel

It’s time for Heart-Magick 

The Anahata Spirit Shirt takes the design of the Vishuddha Shirt, and takes it even further. This shirt features exceptional bamboo fabric, long sleeves with thumb-holes, and a front-pocket to go along with the Jedi hoodie and custom design and cut.  

Pre-Order Now, Shipping Early December

Or bundle with other Spirit Apparel, on sale below

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The Vishuddha Spirit Shirt

A Shirt with a Hood, very few other shirts exist just like this one… The Vishuddha (Throat Chakra) Spirit Shirt is a resonant piece of art designed to support you in your self-expression, your inner-confidence, and help you to stand up for yourself in every situation. 



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Spirit Pants Yin

The Yin Spirit Pants are our first expansion beyond the “Shirts” line, and into the realm of Spirit Apparel. These pants bring the meditative qualities of Yin to your aide, while connecting you with the Tree of Life in left-and-right brain energies, through stunning gold print.

These pants are exceptionally comfortable, breathing well but also keeping you warm when it’s cool, both unrestricting of movement AND supportive at the same time. 



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Spirit Science Tarot

Patch Tarot

Patch Tarot is a staple for so many on the transcending path. Use ancient symbolism, astrology, Qabalah, and Hermetic wisdom together to master the archetypal forces within you and moving throughout your life. Patch Tarot is our own homemade Tarot, and pushes the boundaries of what Tarot can be, by merging various tarot systems into an entirely new creative expression of the art form. 



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The Book of Patch

This nearly 500 page full-color textbook is the ultimate guide to not just Patch Tarot, but Tarot in general. Covering a full overview and explanation of the art of Tarot, how it works, each card thoroughly explained, and an advanced esoteric tarot section at the end, this is a one-stop shop to the complete understanding of the Tarot.



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 For this solar season, you can get Patch Tarot and all of the related resources for upwards of 50% off! 

Patch Tarot Tapestries

Hang any Patch Tarot card on your walls and bring the energy of that archetype to life within you and your environment.



Patch Tarot Yoga Mats

Enjoy the experience of doing Yoga on a full-size Tarot Card, or simply use it as a means of decorating your floors with sacred walkways. 



Divination Cloth / Bandana

The perfect tool for wrapping your cards and doing readings. Wear upon your head for Crown Chakra support,



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Explore our Books

The 2022 Almanac of the New Age

​​The Ultimate tool for working with Earth and Sky in 2022, the Spirit Science Almanac returns for another year of spiritual growth, harmony, and self-mastery. Discover and connect with the cycles above and below, Egyptian, Druid, and Modern alike, and guarantee 2022 to be a year like none before it! 



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One of the most influential, profound and transformative ancient texts - The Emerald Tablets is now updated for our New Age. These treasures were hidden from humanity for centuries, translated in the early 19th century, and are now accessible in our modern language.



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A complete and thorough exploration into the most vivid conspiracy theories on the planet. With this book, discover the secrets that have been hidden away from the mainstream for generations, and learn what YOU can do personally to create a change in the world today.



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Mastering the Cycles

To support you in your experience of “Closing Cycles”, here are several Spirit Science episodes that talk specifically about cycles and moving through them. 

Even if you’ve seen them before, it might be a great time for a refresher!

Cycles N' Sine Waves
Is 2020 the New 2021?
A New Age is Upon us.. The Shift to Aquarius

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Clothing items may only be returned and exchanged for another size.

Books are non-refundable or returnable, given the nature of our supplier that prints them by demand. 

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