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About the Course

Spirit Medicine Walkers is the ultimate masterclass on transformative psychedelic plant medicine. Discover the nature of these substances, how and why they work, where you go when you use them, and how to steer the experience into an elevated state of consciousness, along with grounding the afterglow into your body for lasting results. 

Throughout this course, you will learn the complete ins and outs of psychedelics, how to properly prepare for a journey, how to go through a journey and navigate these realms while working with the medicine, and integrate and live with this elevated consciousness afterward. It is a full-spectrum course where nothing is left out from the scientific to the metaphysical. May this course serve as a definitive guide to those new to the art, and a supportive resource to experienced cosmonauts.


Disclaimer: Spirit Medicine Walkers and all associated products, videos and content are all information-only. Psychedelics are illegal in many countries in the world and we do not encourage the illugal use of these substances. You are encouraged to research the legal status of these substances in your local state or country and respect the laws in place. We take no responsibility for the illegal use of psychedelics. 

What's Inside the Course

Module 0 - Introduction to Plant Medicine

Less than a decade ago, even in spiritual circles, words like Ayahuasca or Plant Medicine were not well known. Today they are becoming a part of common conversations and education on these sacred plants is needed.  Module 0 serves as an introduction to the conversation about the nature of psychedelic plant medicine, framing up the course to come.

Module 1 - What are Psychedelics?

Plants are attuned to nature because they are nature, with each plant bearing an intrinsic natural vibration that we may learn to embody. With our intention and receptivity, we can utilize plants to help us on our journey guide us through their own intrinsic wisdom and properties. 

In this module, you will learn about how Plant Medicine works to heal and restore your brain's natural processes. Used in the right way, we restore the neural pathways in our brain that have been disrupted by trauma and stress that we’ve carried for so long.

Module 2 - Healing with Plant Medicine

How exactly can Plant Medicine bring about healing? Which parts of the brain become active during a Psychedelic Experience? Just how far can your healing go? 

In this Module we'll be answering all of these questions and more, covering everything from the biological processes of healing, and some miraculous stories of healing from over the years.

Module 3: The Dark Side of Psychedelics

It's not all mushrooms and daisies out there… Just as people can have positive experiences, one may also have dark and disturbing trips. 

This module specifically will go deep into the dark side. In order to learn the full nature of psychedelics and how to mitigate a bad trip, we have to understand every part of them, including the most difficult things to look at. From this education however, a more comprehensive understanding is born, which empowers you to know when it’s right to journey, and when it’s not.

Module 4 - Preparing for Ceremony

When we treat our uses with Psychedelics as a ceremony, we set ourselves up for a profound learning experience rather than a recreational experience with very little lasting value, and all of this starts with proper preparation. 

Being clear on how to prepare for ceremony, setting intentions, sacred space, music, and many other factors are significant in guaranteeing success in your experience. This module will explore in depth all of the factors of a true genuine ceremony, and what to expect going into one.

Module 5 - Ceremony

Once the ceremony begins, there are many factors in being able to get through it with the highest level of success. Most people will resist the lessons that arise and may create mental loops for themselves, limiting the potential of wisdom that can be gained. Yet there are a number of things you can do to help you get through the experience with tremendous wisdom and the least amount of discomfort if any. 

This module will go in-depth into all of this, and so much more.

Module 6 - Integration

Integration is what happens after a ceremony, taking everything that you received and learned and putting it together within you in a way that creates a new solidified foundation of awareness for you to live by.

In this module, you will learn everything you need to know about integrating your psychedelic journeys afterwards, to make the most of the experience and help it last a lifetime.

Module 7 - The Mystical & the Prophetic

This module is all about going beyond the medicine and into the sense of self. Drawing upon the work of Rick Strassman and Elijah Gromalski, we look at the nature of Mystical experiences throughout ancient spiritual traditions and literature, and uniquely explore what “prophetic” states are as described by the Judeo-Christian traditions in relationship to the psychedelic states of consciousness. 

Herein we explore the difference between the Mystical and the Prophetic, and what states are available to us. The grand finale of Spirit Medicine Walkers takes the journey into a greater vision for all of mankind, and is not something you’ll want to miss.


Bonus Content 

Bonus 1 - The Path of the Shaman

How does one become a Shaman? What is the path you take to become a Shaman? In this exclusive interview with Sarah Saso, an Ayahuasquera from Rythmia, you will receive a mystical channeling of wisdom from the spirit of the medicine itself. 

As a regular medicine worker, Sarah allows the nature of the medicine to move through her and answer questions with a grace that is often unheard in the world. Once you listen to her, you’ll understand. She also educates on the path to becoming a medicine worker, where to begin, and how the path often goes. 

Bonus 2 - Exclusive Q&A with Rick Strassman

Rick Strassman is a True Spirit Scientist, the pioneer of modern psychedelic research since everything was shut down in the 60’s. His research involved the powerful naturally-occurring compound, DMT also known as N,N-dimethyltryptamine, as he was led to this substance through his earlier study of the pineal gland as a potential biological focus for spiritual experiences. 

In this exclusive interview, we ask him questions from members who attended Spirit Medicine Walkers live, and gain even greater insights from a scientific perspective about the nature of psychedelics, the mystical and prophetic states, and where you go when using psychedelics.

Bonus 3 - The Ultimate Mushroom Grow Kit

In this special video, Jordan (the founder of Spirit Science and Spirit Mysteries) will share with you how, several years ago, he created a fully automated mushroom grow kit more advanced than 99% of grow-kit designs that you can find online. 


It’s a very fun and elaborate system that, for those who are interested in growing your own mushrooms (please be mindful of the legal status in your area of the world), this video is a must-watch.

Bonus 4 - Medicine Music Library

Set, setting, and substance are very important aspects of the psychedelic experience, and music is one of the most critical parts of creating a potent and powerful space. 

With this traditional medicine music library you can utilize traditional shamanic vibes into your own personal ceremonies and elevate your sacred space. 


Bonus 5 - Psychedelic Resource Library

Along with everything in this course, you will also receive a specialized collection of resources that will aid in your journey of understanding psychedelics, including movies, video-responses to other psychedelic content, and more… personal ceremonies and elevate your sacred space. 

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Spirit Medicine Walkers

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  • Mushroom Grow Kit Walkthrough
  • Medicine Music Library
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What Others Have Said About This Course

This course exceeded my expectations! It felt like every single module was useful, not only for learning in depth about plant medicine, but applicable to the journey of life in general… it allowed me to integrate things further and see life as a ceremony. I felt very connected when listening to the different shamans, and am very grateful to how much wisdom was imparted. Definitely recommend to anyone, both new or experts in psychedelics, as there is a lot to take away from it in multiple levels!

- Andrea -

Spirit Medicine Walkers opened my eyes to my relationship with psychedelics. As much as I enjoyed using them, there was so much I didn't know about what they really were. I feel more ready than ever to have my next experience, as this course gave me the tools I needed to take my journeys to the next level!

-  Anonymous Member -

I wasn’t sure what I was going to learn or find out from this course. I’ve been around plant medicine for quite awhile and I love Spirit Science so I just had to find out what they were doing and saying about it. I was quite surprised to be honest. It helped me understand and consider some new things and I even got to see Rick Strassman live! What a treat :) I would recommend this to any friend and family member who wants to learn more about how to connect with entheogens before going further. 

- Kyle - 

If you go through this entire course and get absolutely no value out of it at all, let us know within 14 days and we will happily refund your money!

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