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The History of the Mysteries


Five thousand years ago, before Christianity and even before Ancient Greece, there was Egypt. This was one of the earliest civilizations we know of today, and their culture was rich in knowledge, ancient sciences, and mystic spirituality. 

The Egyptians were wise beyond measure, and it is here we find some of the earliest forms of mathematics, botany, theology, civilized government, geometry, astronomy, accounting, and even medicine. 

It is not known today precisely how these people advanced so far, and so fast. Many today believe that it was simply a time of unparalleled innovation, where others insist, just as the Egyptian writings declared, that they received the knowledge from those who excelled beyond themselves. 

One of the most unique aspects of Ancient Egyptian culture was that of the Mystery Schools. For more than 3,000 years, the mystery schools of Egypt epitomized the ultimate in secret wisdom and knowledge. These were some of the earliest forms of organized spirituality, but they were not like our religions are today. These sacred schools were designed for the initiates to elevate their consciousness, and move into higher dimensions of life experience, in order to become guides for the rest of humanity. 

The Mysteries were passed down through history, and eventually became known far and wide in different forms across that part of the world, from Persia to India.

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The Greek Mysteries


It was in 500 BC that a man named Pythagoras travelled from his homeland to Egypt and applied to join the Egyptian Mysteries. Time and time again, he was turned away. He was told that unless he completed a 40 day meditation of fasting, while practicing a specific breathing technique, he would not be allowed to enter.

When he completed this journey, he arrived at the temple gates and spoke: “You are not allowing Pythagoras in. I am a different man, I am reborn. You were right and I was wrong, because then my whole standpoint was intellectual. Through this purification, my center of being has changed. Before this training I could only understand through the intellect, through the head. Now I can feel. Now truth is not a concept to me, but a life."


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Pythagoras spent many years learning from the Egyptians, and it wasn’t until about 36 years later that he returned to his homeland of Samos, where he established a new Mystery School of his own, modelled after his experiences in Egypt. At the entrance of his temple there was a statue of Hermes Trismegistus, the Greek version of the Egyptian God of Wisdom Thoth, with an inscription on the pedestal that read: “Let no profane enter here.” 

The Mysteries exploded in popularity across the Greco-Roman Empire over the next 500 years, which we can see in the writings of many ancient philosophers today. In Phaedrus, Plato wrote:

“We beheld the beatific visions and were initiated into the Mystery which may be truly called blessed, celebrated by us in a state of innocence. We beheld calm, happy, simple, eternal visions, resplendent in pure light.”

~Plato, Phaedrus

And Zosimos, a famous Greek historian wrote that “without the Mysteries, life for the Greeks would be unlivable, for the sacred Mysteries hold the whole human race together.” 

~Zosimos, Eleusis


The Mysteries were a safe and sacred space, a place where people were transformed from being ordinary people, to enlightened and awakened beings, instruments of transformation and elevation for all of humanity. 

The Birth of Spirit Mysteries

Spirit Mysteries was born out of an intention to create a revival of the mysteries in a modern environment. A home for the sacred, and a place for anyone to raise their vibration and evolve their consciousness. 

I would like to acknowledge that I know I have not been trained by the Ancient Egyptians for 30 years, or undergone the same rigorous training that Pythagoras would have gone through thousands of years ago. 

But with that said, Spirit Mysteries was created with the devotion to wisdom, higher learning, and spiritual growth, and I trust that as we evolve, Spirit Mysteries too will expand to magnificent depths. 

This is only just the beginning. Here's to our evolution.


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