Courses and Offerings

The Spirit Science Academy is in the process of transforming, with redesigned courses and new offerings from the ground up.

While there is only a limited selection at the moment, please enjoy, and welcome to the Academy!

The Four Elements Transformation

A comprehensive program designed to help balance one's physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being by exploring the ancient wisdom of the Four Elements.

This course helps each participant in recalibrating their whole bodies of consciousness to be in harmony with Virtue.

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Tools for Transformation

The Virtual Way

A practical commentary on the Tao Te Ching to live harmoniously in mind, body and spirit. An essential guide for anyone seeking a more fulfilling life in the age of technology.

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Patch Tarot

A revolutionary Spirit Science tarot deck that transforms and evolves the traditional Tarot with its unique symbolism and interpretation of the human experience.

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The Emerald Tablets

A captivating and enlightening book that offers a fresh experience of the Emerald Tablets, exploring the mysteries of spiritual transformation and the human soul.

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Divination Cloth

An essential tool for any Patch Tarot enthusiast; a beautifully designed cloth that enhances the visual and intuitive experience of the deck during readings and spiritual practices. Doubles as a bandanna. 

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The Book of Patch

A comprehensive and transformative textbook that delves into the symbolism and interpretation of Patch Tarot, providing readers with a deep understanding of how to use the deck for personal growth and spiritual development.

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Patch Tarot Tapestries

A stunning collection of tapestries featuring each card of the Patch Tarot deck, providing a transformative and visually immersive experience for those seeking to connect with the deck's unique symbolism and spiritual wisdom.

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