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Transform your Zoom Calls and Livestreams with energizing video backgrounds.

Our environments are so important to our health and wellbeing, as well as the quality of our relationships. Very seldom do we reflect on what role the environment plays digitally, especially in a world where 90% of our human interactions these days take place over video.

For this reason, we created a collection of 14 living animated virtual backgrounds for your zoom calls and other streaming needs.

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The world lives on the internet...

Today we’re more connected than ever before, but how meaningful are those connections? It’s common now that nearly everyone today will spend some time every week or two on a video call, if not every single day. As we adapt to this new digital reality, it’s not hard to feel disconnected from each other as our connections are reduced to an exclusive digital reality.

Yet as more apps and tools are created for digital human connection, it does open up new creative ways for self-expression that allows for a fun and unique experience within this technospace. It’s for this reason that this new tool exists to help you color your zoom and video call experience with a flavor that matches your personal energy and vibe to a much greater degree than you ever could before. 

Today, you can take your video calls online into new dimensions and realities with fourteen homemade backgrounds for every occasion. Now you can elegantly express yourself and your mood with greater creativity and inspiration than before, and elevate the quality of your calls with others. 

An Energetic Reality...

We are all aware of how our environment impacts us, as studies show that messy desks or cluttered homes lead to a cluttered or frazzled mental state, but how does our environments affect ourselves and others when we meet up in a digital space? 

We also know that how you present yourself to others will have a great impact on how others receive and perceive you, and thus - the quality of how we appear digitally also has an impact on how we are perceived by others. 

By shifting the environment of your zoom call, you will immediately notice a shift in the energy of not just you, but how others are perceiving you. 

  • Bring fresh energy to your Zoom calls

  • A creative way for you to express yourself with others

  • Communicate in a way that matches your mood and the occasion

  • Express your aura through your video calls

  • Call your friends, family, and co-workers from around the universe

  • Elevate the quality of your video calls

  • Translate an energetic message through your video environment to those tuning in



Every digital download of Spirit Energy Virtual Backgrounds also will come with a high-resolution still wallpaper that you can use for desktops and mobile devices.

You will also receive a tutorial document on how to set up your virtual backgrounds in zoom. 

The Master Collection

$20 (Save $22)

Get all 14 virtual wallpapers for half price. With all of them available, you'll always have a new theme to use to keep things fresh on your video calls and streams.

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$2.99 Each

Each individual virtual background is available for a fraction of the price of the whole pack, pick your favourite and go with that! 

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Meet your friends in a soothing starry atmosphere.

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Sacred Flower

Flower, gleam and glow. Let your power shine.

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Leap into a celestial gateway of transformation

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Eye Am Cosmic

Embody the cosmic eye of creation

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Liquid Geometry

This one can't be explained... You have to see it to believe it.

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Birth a new, stellar reality from the depths of space.

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Lotus Love

Perfect for Zoom dates and setting the mood. 

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Trip out your friends and confuse your enemies.

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World Peace

Breathe into peace of mind and peace on Earth.

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Deck out your digital world with an atmosphere of creativity.

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Solar Power

Ignite your fire and radiate the light you are inside.

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Fly me to the moon and let me video-chat among the stars.

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Sophia's Grace

Bathe in the afterglow of Divine Feminine grace.

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Zodiac of Destiny

Write your destiny with the wheel of heavenly houses.

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How to Apply Virtual Backgrounds in Zoom

Applying a virtual background is very simple.

For more information on setting up Virtual Backgrounds, whether on Zoom or a different video-calling service, please refer to the website of the app you are using.


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