Why is so much content being censored? 

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What They Don't Want You To See....

These days, the mainstream media outlets can ban content at the snap of a finger. Their algorithms decide what you see, and when you see it. 

Here, you have found a platform free of censorship, dedicated to the evolution of consciousness. A platform of Truth, Love, and Authenticity. 

Click the link below to gain FREE access to this platform, and watch the content that has already been banned from several public social media platforms.

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One Theory to Rule Them All...

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Get FREE Access to the Conspiracy Theory of Everything where it will never be subject to censorship.

Episodes one through five are available for instant streaming, with the remainder of the series coming soon.

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The Great Reset - Special Extended Edition

The public edition of "The Great Reset" had to be truncated due to the sensitive nature of the subject. Many people who speak out about these subjects have got their channel banned. Access Spirit Conspiracies to watch the full episode now. 

Bonus Content

We've added several other video series that have been banned elsewhere, so you don't have to spend all your time looking anymore.

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The Complete Collection by Mikki Willis - Overwhelming evidence that the Pandemic was a planned and purposeful event.

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Words cannot describe this series... But it's intense.

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Banned Ted Talks

Containing a library of material that TED Talks have deemed unfit for public interest, including videos on psychic powers...

Spirit Conspiracies


  • The Conspiracy Theory of Everything
  • Plandemic - Complete Collection
  • M I N D B L O W N Series
  • Banned Ted Talks
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