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  • Root out the false beliefs limiting your abundance...

  • Reprogram them at the CORE subconscious level...

  • Clear society's toxic money myths from your mind...

  • AND increase your energetic capacity to receive. 

Yep — all that... in just one week!

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A Game Changer for Wealth Consciousness

Deep Daily Journal Prompts

Uncover the core beliefs that determine how much you believe you deserve... and can really receive. 

Powerful Daily Meditations

Reprogram a new, abundant mindset of ease, grace and flow around finances.

Money-Myth-Busting Videos

Patchman will help you "re-educate" yourself with the TRUTH about money & abundance

Friends For the Journey

Share your experiences & learn faster with other Seekers by your side.  

Build Your Abundance Altar

This focal point will help amplify your money magick and maintain your abundance vibration.

What is Freedom? 

Is it the liberty to choose a president?

What about the ability to choose what you put in your body?

What if it could also mean choosing how you feel about something you use every day?

Right now we are on a mission to unshackle ourselves from the horrible thoughts that exist around this thing we call money, and we could use some help!

The majority of us have stressed about money at some point in our lives… 

Maybe you didn’t have enough money for the groceries you wanted and had to choose the “cheaper” options…

Maybe you stressed over an unexpected bill…

Maybe it was your college loan, looking down upon you like “Big Brother”.

No matter the reason, we guarantee it was not fun.

But why not?

Why does money have to be so stressful?

Why Can’t Money Be FUN!?


We have a theory…

If our environment shapes what we think, and what we think shapes our environment…

Then what if we saw money not as a vice that we are burdened with…

But as a tool that we could use to help usaccomplish our wildest dreams?

After all, if YOU had enough money where you never had to work again, wouldn’t that clear up some time for you to do whatever you wanted, like…


  • Go on that overdue vacation to the Pyramids
  • Collect every crystal know to man
  • Become a certified Reiki Master


Well, we have good news for you.

Money can be fun. 

It can be awesome, and it can be easy.


Come and Experience the Money Mindset Challenge

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The Money Mindset Challenge


One-Time Payment

  • Use daily journaling exercises to uncover your old, outdated "money map" —  the deeply rooted network of limiting beliefs currently creating a poverty mindset... 

  • Reprogram your beliefs at the CORE subconscious level with the Toroidal Money Fountain guided meditation...

  • Build an abundance altar to create a powerful focal point for your money magick...

  • Consciously & rationally dismantle society's most pervasive money myths with daily wisdom from Patchman...

  • Repeat the Challenge as often as you like, to lock-in your abundance mindset and keep your money-attracting vibration high...

  • Enjoy all updates and new additions for FREE, for life!
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Get the Guidance You Need to Re-Discover Your True Abundant Nature Faster

Now, there's no doubt what you'll receive by taking part in this Challenge is worth $49...

If you can open up to the divine abundance that is your true nature, $49 is a drop in the bucket.

I believe this price point is the fine line between making the Challenge accessible...

Without giving it away. 

See, I am notorious for giving away Spirit Science courses. 

But it turns out, the people I've given free courses to didn't change...

Not like the students who invested in themselves.

Because people simply don’t value things they get for free… so they don’t USE what I give them to change their lives! 

It’s not their fault — this is actually another little known law of the energetic money system (one of many you'll learn during the Challenge)...

When we exchange money, we’re saying: 

“I value this item / service / education / experience so much, I am going to trade my own life force for it.”

So it only makes sense that our students simply do better if they make that commitment… invest in themselves… and are thus inspired to USE our materials.  

And you know what?

If you do all the exercises... watch the videos... and meditate every day on your abundance… and you don’t feel your mindset start to shift or see radical things start to happen…

Just let us know. We’ll refund your $49 — no hard feelings. 

So, there's no risk to get signed up now…

And best of all, you can start NOW. 

No waiting til tomorrow! 

I'll see you inside... and I can't wait to hear how you feel just 7 days from now. 

To (Remembering) Your GREAT Abundance,

& Team Spirit