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Please, take a moment to consider the opportunity and potential for yourself that is found within Spirit Mysteries..The Community and Courses are here to support your Journey wherever you may be on your path. Before you go, make sure to thoroughly evaluate the benefits of your membership.

Spirit Mysteries has reconnected me with parts of my soul I have lost touch with. I have learned how responsible I need to be to live the life I want. After enrolling I have grown to respect life with a greater compassion.

- Bryant L -

I believe there is a dual perspective to everything and anything. In order to evolve we must understand that there will always be opposition. But the question that I always ask myself is why can't people just agree to disagree and move on. Instead of trying to convince the other party that they are right. Spirit science has benefited my life in so many ways and I love following you guys thank you very much! ✌💝😀

- Zulin E -

I feel very changed. I feel so grounded. I feel emotionally open. I feel more like me than I have in many many years. Thank you for your work and your dedication. It is so clarifying and inspiring. I love the Spirit Science videos but I never would have guessed the depth to which you do your work or care about people. Really amazing.

- Micah A. -

The Seven-Day Transformation

A week long program to begin your journey into Spirit Mysteries. Receive a complete energetic realignment and tune yourself to the frequency of your soul. 

Tarot Life Mastery

A complete 14 hour workshop designed to introduce you to the essential essential esoteric principles. Explore Tarot, Qabalah, the Tree of Life, Astrology, Numerology, and more in this comprehensive course.

Spirit Medicine Walkers

Exploring deep into the subject of Plant Medicine, learn its nature, and discover how to steer the medicine to guarantee yourself a transcendent and healing journey.

Esoteric Emotional Mastery

Learn how to harmonize your emotions with tools, resources, and a framework for uncovering your most True Self and balancing your energy centers.

The Hermetica

Our journey with the Hermetica, one of the founding texts of Hermeticism. We explore these readings together to uncover the wisdom within. Readings recorded live with community discussion.

Spiritual Money Mastery

Transform & Evolve your Relationship with Money in this complete masterclass, exploring the energetic nature of money, and how to support it in flowing through you in abundance.

Wisdom Moons

Every Full Moon, we gather together on a live call to explore a sacred subject with great depth. No stone is left un-turned as we go deeper into new subjects every full moon that passes.

Spirit Circle

A weekly gathering for all members to come together, share ideas, discuss life events, work through challenges and create healing and higher awareness together. 

Manifestation Moons

Every New Moon, initiates gather together in a live-stream to support each other in living our dreams, through conscious intention and purposeful meditation. 

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