Are you ready to take your spirituality to the next level?

In The Spirit Science Mystery School You'll Discover…

  • How immersing yourself in a community of like-minded souls accelerates your spiritual connection.
  • Individual and customized counseling from experienced professionals.
  • Step-by-step processes for elevating yourself to higher states of consciousness and deeper wisdom.
  • Deeply sacred and occulted knowledge brought forth to you in a modern way.
  • Why the scattering of "spiritualists" across the internet is draining your focus away from your development.
  • 200+ hours of courses and trainings, with new workshops being added each and every week.
  • An uber-accessible and easy-to-use platform to navigate through courses, videos, and community events...
  • The spiritual tribe you've been looking for.
  • And much, much more...

Disclaimer: This opportunity Patchman is sharing is for those who are genuinely ready to step into something new. Every student in the programs is required to do a lot of work. To be able to utilize this information you must be willing to show up for yourself and follow the steps to get the results.  These are NOT “information only” courses.  You will be given assignments and practices – i.e. homework – to do in between trainings. If you do nothing but show up, you will see no results. This is not for you if you are someone who wants a transformational experience without engaging in your own life.

Spirit Mysteries Mystic Memberships
Annual & Monthly Investment
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Mystic Membership


Monthly Coaching

  • 200+ Hours of Training
  • Complete Recorded Library
  • Instant Access to Courses
  • Full Community Access
  • 30% Spirit Shop Discount
  • Daily Live Events
  • Invitation to Retreats
  • Monthly Coaching Sessions
  • Personal Tarot & Astrological Readings (1/mo)
  • Product Discounts & free gifts
  • And more...
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Mystic+ Membership


Bi-Weekly Counseling & Exclusive Mystic Training

  • 200+ Hours of Training
  • Complete Recorded Library
  • Instant Access to Courses
  • Full Community Access
  • 40% Spirit Shop Discount
  • Daily Live Events
  • Invitation to Retreats
  • Fine-tune your Training
  • One-on-One Coaching (bi-weekly)
  • Personal Tarot & Astrological Readings (1/week)
  • Bigger Product Discounts & MORE free gifts (including Spirit Apparel)
  • Eligibility for Certification Course and Exclusive Patch Tarot training
  • And more...
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What's included in your membership?

Spirit Mysteries Mystic Memberships are the best investment in your spiritual education that you can possibly make.

Training, Courses, & Workshops

The staple of The Spirit Science Mystery School - Spirit Mysteries - are the courses and workshops that are presented. As the community grows, additional course modules are added weekly, empowering members to continue exploring the Mysteries. Spirit Mysteries exists to give you all of the tools and resources you need to step into a higher vibration and live life to the fullest. Within the School, there is a wide variety of classes and materials for you to explore, from Hermeticism to Plant Medicine to the Mystic Arts! Whether you are looking for profound transform or ancient wisdom, Spirit Mysteries has something to offer for everyone.

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The Seven-Day Transformation

The Seven-Day Transformation is a seven-day program to begin your journey into Spirit Mysteries. Herein you will receive a complete "download" of spiritual information and instruction on life transformation and begins your initiation into Spirit Mysteries. Thousands of spiritual seekers have taken this course, and the results are incredible.

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Spiritual Money Mastery

In an in-depth exploration of the nature of wealth and finances, you are guided through a 9+ hour workshop on transforming and improving your relationship with money.  Wisdom is shared stemming from ancient ancestors’ oral teachings through modern money systems. We dive deep and explore the spirit and energetics of money, spiritual money systems, and how implementation can be used to activate financial abundance.

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Evolution of Humanity

This complete workshop takes you back into the ancient past to explore the remnants of an ancient civilization, how society changed and evolved over the generations, and what it means for us.  The course covers ancient civilizations, inclusive of the new discoveries that we need to be aware of relative to the changes in our modern understanding of history.  Then looking through the societal lens of our interactions individually and collectively with each other, also on a group level. 

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How to Reprogram our Subconscious Mind for Heart-Centered Relationships

In Spirit Mysteries’ first collaboration, you will discover some of the unconscious patterns holding you back from more authentic relationships with your loved ones (and, of course, yourself).  Through real-life examples and science-backed methodologies, you will be guided through the root of all your relationships, become aware of subconscious patterns, and learn how to transform these patterns to cultivate healthy, heart-centered relationships. members in this course are experiencing profound transformations in their personal relationships.

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Esoteric Emotional Mastery

Learn how to harmonize your emotions  with tools, resources, and a framework for uncovering your most True Self and harmonizing your

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Spirit Medicine Walkers

is a series exploring Plant Medicine and how to steer the medicine so that you can guarantee you will emerge on the other side with a more elevated state of consciousness than ever before.  The purpose of this course is to create a thorough awareness about plant medicine, what it does, how it works, how to prepare for a journey, how to go through a journey, integration afterward, and living with an elevated consciousness. 

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Tarot Life Mastery

Tarot Life Mastery is a complete 14-hour workshop designed to introduce you to the essential structure of the Tarot and provide you with instructions on how you can practically use this powerful tool to understand life and evolve across the board.

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Patch Tarot Masters

Patch Tarot Masters is the ultimate workshop in Patch Tarot (and maybe even Tarot in general!). Explore the esoteric mysteries to remarkable depth, and learn the nature of mystic alchemy and how the whole universe comes together within you.

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Emerald Ascendency

One of the most influential, profound, and transformative ancient texts - The Emerald Tablets - has now been updated for our New Age. These treasures were hidden from humanity for centuries, translated in the early 19th century, and are now accessible in our modern language. In addition to the profound updated texts, Spirit Mysteries members receive the full course of working with the teachings of the Tablets, and with Thoth himself.

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The Hermetica

Our journey with the Hermetica, one of the founding texts of Hermeticism. We explore and discuss these readings together to uncover the mysteries within.


Spirit Mysteries members join the Mystery School for a multitude of reasons. Whatever the reason, as with any up-leveling of one’s mastery, there is the potential for emotional and mental upheaval (moving through the dark to embody the light | understanding the vice to express the virtue). You will be guided each step of the way with a spiritual support system in place. Spirit Mysteries is here to support you on this transformative journey.

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Spirit Mysteries employs cognitive-behavioral specialists to provide additional support to you as you strive towards the application of your unique gifts in this lifetime. Through one-on-one and group meetings, as a Spirit Mysteries member, you may choose this support for various reasons, such as to process your personal transformation story, or to invite additional insights and resources into the struggles you are having, or to gain clarity in your creative direction.

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Tarot & Astrological Readings

Getting advice and guidance also comes in utilizing the tools of astrology, numerology, and the mystic arts. Intuitive, empathic, and psychic Tarot readers are available on a topical-based schedule to Spirit Mysteries members at no additional cost, providing wisdom-laden guidance.

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Spirit Luminaries

Spirit Luminaries are members of Team Spirit that are dedicated to providing support to Spirit Mysteries members in both their processing of the learnings and transformations, as well as through the navigation of the Spirit Mysteries platform. Spirit Luminaries are members that have been dedicated to the illumination of this community and are your community leaders. They are chosen because of their capacity to offer guidance, support, love, and clarity to the community in support of our collective evolution.

Meditations & Activations

Spirit Mysteries offers several guided meditations and activations, both individually and on a group basis, both recorded and live. We offer powerful, expansive meditations and activations crafted by the team and by our members of spirit mysteries!

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The 12D Shield

The 12D Shield is a compelling guided meditation designed to clear your energetic field of psychic attacks, energy vampires, and other auric manipulations. It will also fortify you with a robust protective area so that it is easy for you to grow and shine like the light that you are. Our members have had profound and powerful experiences with this shielding meditation.

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The Meditation Library

From awakening and balance to success and abundance, the ever-growing library of Spirit Mysteries Meditations (produced both by Team Spirit and Spirit Mysteries members) represents a treasure chest of complementary tools to your exploration into yourself.

Spirit Events & Community Gatherings

Within Spirit Mysteries, members come together for an array of gatherings and events. This includes our official Spirit Mysteries gatherings as well as community-led gatherings. Our spirit family comes together for manifestation gatherings, astrological gatherings, esoteric movie nights, daily meditation, yoga, Patch Tarot Master live lessons, Tao Te Ching readings, book clubs, ecstatic dance, and so much more. The community is extremely active and engaged in the learning and growth process; there is an event to attend each and every day as well as a calendar crafted specifically for you to keep track of all these mystical gatherings.

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Manifestation Moons

Every New Moon, members gather together in a live-stream to support each other in living our dreams, through conscious intention and purposeful meditation.  In this gathering, through a ceremonial methodology, members support one another through particular manifestation techniques (with incredible results).

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Wisdom (Full) Moons

Every New Moon, members gather together in a live-stream to support each other in living our dreams, through conscious intention and purposeful meditation.  In this gathering, through a ceremonial methodology, members support one another through particular manifestation techniques (with incredible results). Each member is given the opportunity to share an intention they desire to manifest into reality and we collectively hold space as we are guided into embodying the energy of that which we are each individually manifesting. This powerful gathering has proven powerful results in our members' manifestations.

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Spirit Circle

Twice weekly, members come together to discuss and support each other as a community openly. We dive into our struggles, our triumphs, our ideas, and our journey. This is an entirely open discussion where we are free to build community and converse in a safe and sacred space. Every week there are new questions, concepts, struggles, triumphs, ideas,  and collective conversations that bring us closer together as we move through our evolution.

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Divine Duality Discussions

On a bi-weekly basis, members gather together with our Spirit Luminaries to dive into the depths of duality. The intention behind these discussions is to craft better relationships with ourselves and those around us through understanding and integrating our dualistic nature, connecting to our divine feminine and masculine, and bringing our polarizing aspects into harmony.

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Weekly Yoga Practice

In our Community's spiritual practice, we learn to hone the body temple to keep our energetic field fluid and our bodies strong and flexible. Our weekly Community Yoga currently meets four days a week and is voluntarily community member-led. The flow is gentle and appropriate for everyone. One of these four weekly gatherings is dedicated strictly to breathwork to further assist us in vitalizing our physical and spiritual temple. Join us as we expand the mind, body, and spirit, together.

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Daily Meditations

Daily community meditations are available and are led by one of our Luminaries or volunteered community members. The meditations are meant for everyone and are different and unique daily; including aspects from breathwork, tarot, personal energy field awareness, and the esoteric wisdom of the mysteries. They last around 20 minutes.

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Spirit Gamers Grotto

The Gamer’s Grotto is a nightly space where we group up to explore heart-based video games or games that connect with what we are learning in the mysteries. This group encourages everyone to play together, help each other learn and level up, and practice leadership by taking turns with different roles. Currently meeting each night after all other schoolwork and activities.

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Spirit Meetups

Each week, a variety of community-led gatherings take place.  This has included, esoteric movie nights, daily meditation, yoga, Patch Tarot Master live recordings, Tao Te Ching readings, book clubs, ecstatic dance, and more. The community is extremely active and engaged in the learning and growth process; there is an event to attend each and every day!

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Beginning again in our post-travel restriction world, Spirit Mysteries members will gather at sacred locations across the globe for ceremony, initiation, celebration, community, and deep transformation.  Retreats are by invitation-only and are typically topical-based, including themes such as plant medicine healing, spiritual revitalization, and sacred community connection.


Spirit Mysteries offers private community centers to openly discuss and explore your spirituality with an engaged and loving group. This community gives you the opportunity and freedom to discuss, share, and explore your mystical life in a safe and sacred space. This community prides itself in its capacity to love, support, and evolve together. Please also check out GATHERINGS and SUPPORT to learn more about what our community offers.

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Spirit Family

Spirit Family is a significant spiritual community for seekers worldwide to gather together, connect, and share in the spiritual discoveries and growth we are going through. This sacred space is free of negativity and hate, so you are open to sharing with the safety of knowing that you are among family. Here in Spirit Mysteries, we are all Spirit Family, utilizing our private community centers to connect and evolve as we embark on this journey of powerful transformation together. The value, connection, and depth of this community truly is the spirit of  Spirit Mysteries.

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Private Server - Discord

Spirit Mysteries features an active live chat in our private server on Discord to support you in connecting with other members in real-time. This is the platform we use to build sustaining connections and to go much more in-depth on topics of particular interest, such as sacred geometry, ancient history, or music.  We also utilize Discord for connecting during our weekly and monthly gatherings. Here you will find all of the support you need to explore your spirit and connect to the spirit of true community.

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Private Facebook Group - Spirit Mysteries Family Facebook Group

The Spirit Mysteries Family Facebook group is a private group for members, providing you with a safe space to connect with your brothers and sisters.  This group is available to all members. Through moderated discussions, it focuses on the core courses and workshop areas of Spirit Mysteries - personal transformation, spiritual finances, and the mystic arts. Here you will have support in deeper understanding and implementation of what the community is collectively learning inside the mystery school.

Resources & Bonus Material

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The Library of Transformational Materials

This digital library comes as a bonus with every enrollment in Spirit Mysteries. It is a collection of our favorite sources of spiritual wisdom and information from across the internet, collected and made readily accessible for you! The library includes informative videos exploring consciousness, relationships, breathwork, yoga, personal transformation, and so much more. This is not just a library but a resource for your expansion.

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Spirit Science Commentaries

In this series, the creator of Spirit Science sits down to watch his old videos and provide some commentaries on the videos, some behind the scenes, and additional thoughts on the material.

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Spirit Conspiracies 

These days, the mainstream media outlets can ban content at the snap of a finger. Their algorithms decide what you see, and when you see it. Here, you have found a platform free of censorship, dedicated to the evolution of consciousness. A platform of Truth, Love, and Authenticity.

The world is waiting for you!

Spirit Mysteries courses and community events are designed to elevate and uplift you in the highest possible way. Members that pass through the these courses are reporting massive shifts in their lives as a result of implementing the practices.

Let's Do This!

What people are saying about Spirit Mysteries...

Jordan and team, this Spirit mystery school is so much more than I thought it would be. I love every aspect of the way these mysteries are taught and the content that is covered.

This creation (Spirit Mysteries) comes from a deep place of embodying every truth taught here and that is why I feel such a resonance with it.

Thank you for your dedication and the amazing changes this will create in the world.

- Nienie W. -

I have been following your videos since the very first one! No kidding!!!! I am a huge fan and will continue to support what you are doing! I work in the spiritual field and everything that you teach resonates with all that I have learned!! I even learn more from you!! Thank you!!!

- Tracy B.N. -

I am just happy to have this to focus on. I am grateful for everyones love and patience with me as I move on and out of fear.

- Brandy S -

I now have the courage to declare that my life is good and worth living. That my life means something and that is reflected all around us. I love you and everyone who reads this. Can you feel it? If you do maybe it's a sign.

- Sean K -

 This place seems to have its own dynamic, and through the higher support from above, it allows for the rapid…. everything! Like we are living in this still kind of dense reality, but this place is like a bubble that allows...well, us Old Souls to do things at our own pace.

- Anonymous Member -

Spirit Mysteries has reconnected me with parts of my soul I have lost touch with. I have learned how responsible I need to be to live the life I want. After enrolling I have grown to respect life with a greater compassion.

- Bryant L -

So many changes in my life … unreal and exhilarating !!! Thanks for making the course allowing me to adjust the time (I know there is no time)/lesions to my own speed and needs... Feeling blessed by living the dream... or better... "Dreaming my Life"
- Heike A. - 

I really appreciate everything that goes into these videos. The animation, the thorough much patience and love goes into your work and you can feel that.

I feel so blessed to have the conscious awareness that I have! It's helping me to help heal others heal themselves. It's only going up from here! Thank you for also being a catalyst for many movements in my existence.

- Iman -

I am truly blessed to have found this wonderful life-resource - I have always believed I am a spiritual person but have been put off, almost repulsed at some of the ways that religion has been presented to me through my life, so much so that I didn't want to have anything to do with Christ, Jesus Christ, the Bible - anything. To date I am truly excited what I have learned here at Spirit Science about true, ancient spirituality and what it can mean for my development as a spiritual being.

- Darren B -

Spirit Mysteries is an investment worth making - not only is the high content quality, but the community is active, vibrant, supportive, and accepting. You will find yourself among kindred spirits here! Leap of faith and meet the Spirit family. What you learn in the courses is put into practice through interactions with fellow members - with each bringing their perspective to the conversation, one's knowledge is broadened and enriched. This is not a place of passive learning - be ready to commit time to active learning and practice to make the most of all that comes with membership to Spirit Mysteries. To all my spirit siblings, I hope you join me and others on this journey through Spirit Mysteries.

- Jules P -

I feel very changed. I feel so grounded. I feel emotionally open. I feel more like me than I have in many many years. Thank you for your work and your dedication. It is so clarifying and inspiring. I love the Spirit Science videos but I never would have guessed the depth to which you do your work or care about people. Really amazing.

- Micah A. -

Wow... Holy Shift!
This School and it's Community have forever changed the way I interact with myself and others. The courses... the 7DT... the space over many months that has been available from the hearts of so many diverse people connected here... is incredible and inspiring. I implore anyone to join and check out what's going on within Spirit Mysteries ^^

- Joseph Z -

I love you all, beautiful community. I am shifting at such an incredible pace, and I am moving so many lovely people in their consciousness and health & wellness. I thank you so much, Jordan; for these incredible realizations of the process I am currently undertaking, I understand where I am and how incredibly accurate and on track my progress of transformation has been following these days of the change. It is as if I am being mentored on what exactly I am going through as I type & experience this reality. I am transforming like a phoenix, and my fire is like our Father Sun. This love I have is incredible, and I am so excited to share it with all of you. I love you all!!! Thank you!! Let's shift together & bring this planet to a new paradigm of love, light health & joy!

- Julian C -

I have found my home. A community of liked minded individuals. A safe place to grow and share your journey along the way. I started this with the 7 day course, that balanced me out. It was such an easy decision to make to become of something bigger then myself. For so long I played the role of the loan wolf. Not only was that the driving force behind this. I wanted to invest in me. I wanted to really see myself for the endless fountain of resources that I have access to. And because of the Sprit Science Mystery School , Sprit Science Studios, and of all of Us that are co-creating a better tommorow, I know in my bones that this is the place to be.

- Patricia Y -


Spirit Mysteries is our commitment to you that we will uphold a sacred space of the highest order! If you fully participate in the curriculum and community and you don't have a positive and moving experience, we will happily refund your money within 30 days!

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Disclaimer: This opportunity we are sharing is for those who are genuinely ready to step into something new. Every student in the program is required to do a lot of work. To be able to utilize this information you must be willing to show up for yourself and follow the steps to get the results.  These are NOT “information only” courses.  You will be given assignments and practices – i.e. homework – to do in between trainings. If you do nothing but show up, you will see no results. This is not for you if you are someone who wants a transformational experience without engaging in your own life.

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