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In this exclusive workshop, Jordan River delivers a presentation about the Secret Language of Money, and how you can use this language to bring more abundance to you on a regular basis.

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Are you ready to create an abundant relationship with money?


Spiritual Money Mastery Volumes I & II

A Brand New 9-Week Transformational Experience Empowering You with the Language of Money!


In these new courses, you will... 


Discover the Mystic Link between Wealth Creation & Ancient Qabalistic Spirituality

Even if you're new to Qabalah, in this course you will learn not just the mystic language of money, but the way in which money flows through creation - and even how you can create it yourself! 

Become a Master Money Manifestor

How would you feel if you could always rely on yourself to manifest money the moment you needed it? With this course, you are guaranteed to learn everything you need to never worry about money again!

Move From Poverty to Financial Freedom! 

Complete in this course series includes the intrinsic abundance-wisdom to help you move gracefully on your path from a poverty-consciousness into true, lasting prosperity! It's not enough to just talk about it, in this course, you will actually make it real! 

Along with this, you will also learn the following...

  • How to unpack a plethora of society's programs that are actively limiting your financial empowerment.
  • Discover the understanding of money that the wealthy of the world use to keep getting richer.
  • Receive regular home-play and implementation tools to help you dramatically increase how much you earn.
  • You will implode the idea that money and spirituality do not go hand in hand, and give you the permission to integrate your financial practices into your spiritual ones.
  • You will receive decades of spiritual training and hundreds of thousands of dollars in expenses in spiritual and financial training programs, all packed neatly together within this ultimate course.
  • You will learn frameworks of enlightened financial management used by some of the most successful people in the world.
  • You’ll integrate the wisdom into your real-life through powerful exercises, ensuring that by the time you reach the final module, you’ll be ready to step into a new reality.
  • And even more bonuses on top of that!

Magical Bonus Content

Along with these two courses of integrative wisdom teachings,
you will also receive these magical bonuses...

Bonus 1
The 7-Day Money Mindset Challenge

  • A seven-day transformational experience to support you on your wealth transformational journey.
  • A collection of daily writing prompts, educational videos, wisdom teachings, community support, and daily guidance.
  • Two powerful meditations to use every day, teaching you how to create your personal energy field brighter and stronger than ever.

Bonus 2
The Library of Transformational Materials

  • A collection of over 100 videos and content sourced from across the internet to support you in your transformative journey.
  • A stream of wisdom teachings that include financial educational materials, along with other mind blowing content!

Bonus 3
The Spirit Mysteries Meditation Library

  • An exclusive collection of custom meditations that we have created to help you attain balance, focus, success, abundance, clarity, and more! 

Spiritual Money Mastery Volume I and II:
The Secret Language



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  • Lifetime Access
  • Spiritual Money Mastery vol. II: The Secret Language
  • Spiritual Money Mastery vol. I: Complete 9 Hour Workshop
  • The Library of Transformational Materials
  • The Meditation Library
  • Private Facebook Community

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What Others Are Saying...

"Slow down & absorb it...

If you are a fan of their YouTube channel and interested in diving in more this is an incredible place to start!

Very easy to follow instructions with clear expectations of what we need to do ourselves. Take your time, take notes, and enjoy the awesome material!"

- Spencer -

"Just what the world needs...

"Spirit Mysteries is forging a new path for humanity and this earth. Thank you to Jordan and the amazing team behind this unique, first-of-its-kind, mystery school. Connecting to beings across the world, and melding ancient wisdom with useful technology tools is just what this world needs right now. I’ve been through countless programs for self-development and spirituality, and this is the only place where I have felt like an actual member of the family no matter how much or little I participate. The generosity, love and compassion within this school and its members runs deep."

- Jessice L -

"This helps so much to understand..."

Surely this was just the beginning, I have to continue working my true self, trusting and loving this life experience and myself! I’ll be one of those billionaires that will share and create value to save our world, to bring more understanding to all! 

Thank you all, lots of good vibrations for all your projects !!! ❤️🙏

- Raissa -

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If you fully complete Spiritual Money Mastery, complete the homework and implement the strategies, you will experience a meaningful transformation, and if you don't, we will happily refund your money within 30 days!

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