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Balance The Body of Consciousness

The Four Elements Transformation is a comprehensive program designed to help balance one's physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being by exploring the ancient wisdom of the Four Elements. This course helps each participant in recalibrating their whole bodies of consciousness to be in harmony with Virtue.

Through a series of videos and exercises across four days, participants delve into the essential inner alchemy of the Four Elements and gain a deeper understanding of the interplay between their emotions, thoughts, feelings, and material reality, and how these elements weave together with the fifth element: Spirit.

This program has been designed to help us harmonize our connection with ourselves, the world, and Spirit, and develop a deeper spiritual relationship with life.

The Four Elements Transformation is based on Kabbalah and the Four Worlds, which directly relate with the Four Archetypal Elements of Ancient Alchemy. It aims to help each participant reach higher levels of consciousness and connect with their higher selves and Spirit; the Omnipotent. 

Through this course, each will learn how to tap into their inner guidance, experience personal growth, and thoroughly transform their lives on all levels.


Participants Will Experience...

  • Increased emotional, mental, and spiritual awareness

  • Greater levels of wisdom, stability, and inner peace

  • A more harmonious relationship with reality and their role in it

  • Deeper and profound connections with the higher self and Spirit

  • A new foundation for being, free from social agitation or adversity


Primary Teachings

The Four Kabbalistic Worlds

Spiritual dimensions understood in esoteric Jewish tradition, representing the stages of creation and the various aspects of God's nature.

The Virtue of the Tao

Life is understood in the reconciling cosmic paradox, with emphasis on living in harmony with nature and the flow of the universe.

The Wisdom of Christ

Jesus taught that humanity can be transformed through a personal relationship with God, and living a life of love, compassion, forgiveness, and the pursuit of righteousness. 

Additional Areas of Focus


A philosophical and esoteric tradition that emphasizes the idea of a unified cosmos and the pursuit of spiritual knowledge and wisdom.

Yogic Tradition

Spiritual and physical practice that seeks to unite the mind, body, and soul through various techniques, such as meditation and asana.

Quantum Mechanics

The physics of reality at a quantum level, dealing the connections between matter and energy, with life-changing implications. 


The study of the truth behind the word, including their meanings, structures, and relationships with other languages through history.


This course is a gift, and we wish it to be available to everyone. May we use this as an opportunity to practice selfless giving, and creating meaningful exchanges in return for that which we receive. πŸ™

Begin The Journey

The Four Days


The Orientation starts things off by preparing ones mind into a new frame of reference by which we will observe the four days. Some guidelines are established to ensure the greatest success for those who set off on this journey.

Day 1: Earth

We begin by exploring the language and substance of matter, and uncover a profound truth about the true nature of our world. The journey down the rabbit hole into "Womb of Creation" begins here...

Day 2: Air

Take a journey into the mind with this thought-provoking video about the Element of Air. Learn how our thoughts and words perceptions shape our reality and how to harness the power of the mind for personal growth and transformation.

Day 3: Water

Embrace the inner depths of emotion through this paradox-unravelling video about the Element of Water. Explore the role of emotions in shaping our experiences and relationships, and how to cultivate a deeper connection with ourselves and others.

Day 4: Fire

Kindle the fires of Divine Will with this inspiring video about the Element of Fire. Discover the interplay between Divine Will and lower will, and how to cultivate a more fulfilling life through purposeful action.

Bonus Finale: Spirit

Complete the journey with an exclusive video about the Supreme Ultimate Power, bringing everything together in this grand finale. Tap into the infinite and bring balance and fulfillment into life.


Bonuses πŸŽ‰

Study Book PDF

Each class comes with a Study Book with the detailed information covered in the class, supporting each student in going deeper with the content.

Daily Meditation

Members are invited to participate in the daily meditation alongside their class. By integrating daily meditation, we deepen our understanding of the elements and integrate them wholly.

Daily Question

Each day comes with a paradoxical question that will challenges each to consider new concepts pertaining to the relative element, and form new mental pathways of higher thinking.

Daily Riddle

Each day also hosts a riddle that will test each in their intellect and creativity, encouraging outside-the-box-thinking, and expands one's perspective.

Elemental Resources

Participants receive a bonus library of resources alongside each class, including relevant articles, videos, and more, designed to support each in their personal transformation journey.

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The Four Elements Transformation

Pay What Feels Right

It is through your contribution that may support the creation of more courses like these, new Spirit Science videos, and more... Thank you! πŸ™Œ


  • Complete Four-Day Transformation Journey
  • Daily Guided Meditation for Elemental Harmony
  • Practical Exercises each Class
  • A Supportive Community on the Journey Together
  • Elemental Resources with Each Day
  • Lifetime Access to the Course

  • Money-Back Guarantee


What Others Are Saying...

This was very insightful. It is fantastic to be a part of this community. There is so much to learn and the journey is exciting. The practical approach to the Four Elements of Transformation made the process enjoyable. Journaling is now going to be a big part of my life because of this course.
Let's continue pursuing truth.

Kyle G.

Thank you so much for this class; it was informative and in true Patch fashion easy to follow. I hope there will be more events like this…

Cairo S.

I'm blown away by the content... The one thing I am not is grounded. I've made some strong foundations, but others are weak and I've been wanting to know how to approach them... now I know.

Brok K.

Thank you for the time and energy that went into this course. Your work is greatly appreciated!

Phyllis S.

This 4-day class (Elements of Transformation) has helped me to understand more about the four elements/world and how it is the same with ourselves. So above, so below, and know thyself, both took on a whole different meaning after this class.

I have even purchased the Tao book, the tarot book and the tarot cards, with hopes of becoming a member so that I can learn even more. This course was informative and exciting at the same time, breaking things down so simple. And that is what captured me into wanting to become a member. I am hungry to learn more about the Most High and myself. Thank you.

Shena E.

Thank you for this course; it’s so luminous.

Oladele J.

Wowsers trousers I can not count how many times I got goosebumps there... Thank you again for all this juicy infoπŸ’œ

Jemma F.

This course was divine timing for me!

Shalom W.

I really love this course. I love working with the elements and it's funny what I didn't know, especially about water. It almost feels like in school they're like "It's just hydrogen and oxygen. Boom. Easy." I don't know if I really realized how ancient and sacred it is. Because of this course I will strive to make prayer a regular practice for me.

Beth E.




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