Discover the Mysteries of Ancient Atlantis...

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The Emerald Tablets

- Aquarian Age Edition -

One of the most influential, profound and transformative ancient texts - The Emerald Tablets is now updated for our New Age. These treasures were hidden from humanity for centuries, translated in the early 19th century, and are now accessible in our modern language.

In this book, you will discover...

  • Insights to the secret nature of of time & space
  • Knowledge of Atlantis and The Halls of Amenti
  • Power-Words passed on by Thoth himself
  • Direct guidance through the Spirit of Thoths
  • Wisdom of the nature of the human soul
  • A pathway to Ascension & instructions to get there. 
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Ancient Tablets for the Aquarian Age

As humanity blooms into an age of scientific mysticism,
many ancient writings have begun to re-emerge...

Speaking in an almost magical tongue, The Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean have left countless souls inspired, transformed, and even changed. In occult circles these tablets are legend, for they are believed to have been written by Thoth, the Ancient Egyptian God of Wisdom. In these tablets, he describes his time before Egypt during the Age of Atlantis.

In these writings he explains his journey to becoming an Ascended Master of Atlantis, which have now been updated in a modern rendition. The original tablets are said to be made of pure emerald, atomically set in a way that can never be altered by anything. The tablets are a direct message to humanity, knowing we would face darkness on our journey through time. This message is a reminder of who we are and to keep our heart in the light, and to not fear the darkness of night.

The original publication was brought forth by Dr. Doreal nearly one hundred years ago, who told us that he transported them across the world, and was given permission to translate them in the process. This edition keeps all of the wisdom intact while creating an easier-to-read dialect for the 21st century.

Some have said that just by reading these words, ancient wisdom and remembrance begins to emerge within them. It’s also believed that the actual tablets themselves, when read, generate a visual and experientially potent remembrance of our true self, the light in our heart. 

Additionally, you can learn more about Thoth and the Story of Atlantis by watching The Sumerian Epic and our Hidden Human History Movie. These in-depth adventures cover supportive evidence to the picture that is illustrated in the tablets. 

Mystic Wisdom for the Aquarian Age

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Revised for Today's Modern Language

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The Emerald Tablets
of Thoth the Atlantean

Aquarian Age Edition


  • Bring the tablets into your home
  • Receive the wisdom of Thoth directly
  • Edited for modern ease and clarity of reading
  • Receive insight about the nature of reality
  • Learn how Thoth became an Ascended Master
  • Explore the mysteries of Ancient Atlantis
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On the Origin of this Edition...

Summer 2019, I found myself at Rythmia, drinking Ayahuasca with the shamans and a hundred others on the journey of mystic healing. Through this week I received visions of the living Thoth, who appeared to me and instructed me on the wisdom teachings of space, time, and spiritual evolution.

He facilitated my death and rebirth, gave me a new Lightbody, and took me into dimensions beyond our own, working with me personally and teaching me directly.

After the second ceremony with Thoth, I was guided to re-read the Emerald Tablets. The writings, which had previously been nearly incomprehensible to me, suddenly made sense. I read them with clarity, deciphering meaning that before had been veiled by my past ignorance.

That week, I worked with a loved one using the tablets. To support her in understanding, I found myself translating the older writing style into a modern sense, along with an explanation of what we were reading. 

In the final ceremony, I was taken by Thoth to a world beyond our own, a dimension in time and space that observed our planet in a completely different way. I experienced the form-change described in Tablet VIII.

From this experience and Thoth's wisdom, I was struck with an impulse to produce a new edition of the tablets, preserving their meaning but revised for a modern tongue. This activity flowed through me effortlessly, producing the book you see before you...

The Aquarian Edition of the Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean

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