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Elixir is more than just a story... It's a world that we can enter into! At first with our thoughts and consciousness... and¬†then in more immersive ways ūü•≥

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What Is This?

An Elixir of Life for the Great Human Struggle...

Imagine the philosopher's stone embedded in a story that carries within it seeds of Wisdom and Truth to help humanity grow and evolve.

"Elixir" began 19 years ago as "Exile", an animated series by Jordan River, the creator of Spirit Science... Today the story is ready to be told, but this is just the beginning! We envision this becoming an immersive experience designed to evolve consciousness!

 If Spirit Science was a story, this would be it! 

Today, you can take the first step into this world...

A New Reflection of Ourselves

The World of Elixir is based on our human consciousness and it's many struggles. The map behind this text depicts the world where this story takes place, which looks like a heart. The two rival kingdoms (Ossic and Feron) represents the left brain and right brain at odds with each other, and through the story we unravel the paradox of these hemispheres within our human consciousness today, and discover the healing of body and mind with Truth and Love.

Become a Founding Member

To introduce you to the world and get the ball rolling...

This opportunity is a "Pay What Feels Right" membership, inviting you into an exclusive space to experience the world and story of Elixir, offer your perspectives, and participate in its telling. This is a space where our collective energy supports the momentum of the project.  

Storytelling is one of the most powerful tools we have to facilitate change and transformation in the world. By joining this space, you have the opportunity to contribute to a grand narrative that explores the depths of human potential and what life is really all about.

What's Included Inside...

An Introduction to the World

We share a library of private videos that goes over the essentials of the world, introduces you to many concepts, and describes the beginning of the plot... This is a foundation that everything will build from!

Concept Art & Commentaries

Discover the vibrant world through a library of concept art and starting material, alongside exclusive video commentaries exploring how this story has come to be. 

Community & Challenges

Discuss the story, plot ideas and devices, hunt for issues within the world so that we can bring it to life in the most complete way possible. We also have community challenges to stir up the collective imagination! Team Work makes the Dream Work!

Opportunities to Participate

This is the beginning of something big! There will be many opportunities to participate in the telling of this story, support in the community, and more! 

And more as we go...

As our community space continues to develop, further features and benefits will be added for all members.

It's In Your Hands

Ultimately, our forward momentum right now will depend on our community; if you see the value of this and are willing to contribute to help bring it to life, we'll receive your offering and put it to work! ‚ú®

Elixir Founding Member

Make An Offering ūüôŹ‚ú®

Receive a library of material to experience the story,
and support bringing Elixir into the world! 


  • Experience Part 1 (of 3) of the Story
  • Enter a Community Environment for Discussion & Worldbuilding.
  • Concept Art, World Map, and Commentaries on the Original Videos.
  • Further opportunities to participate ūü•≥¬†


Thank you for your support!¬†ūüéČūüôŹ‚ú®

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