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 Activate Your Lightbody

A four-week transformational experience to fully create and live within your Lightbody (Merkaba) field, and use it to create your Reality. 

Receive Wisdom & Practices to:
  • Heal your illness and traumas
  • Reclaim your Sovereignty
  • Manifest Anything Quicker
  • Be unmoved by the chaos of life
  • Connect to your higher self directly
  • Increase your Telepathy

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"I have been receiving such deep healing, both during the live class and afterwards when putting what I’m learning into practice. My physical pain is reducing and my mind and emotions are becoming more peaceful and clear. As always, I really enjoy the way you present the information. Love and blessings to all xxx"

- Hannah De Vries

About the Lightbody

Before the fall of consciousness, human consciousness was multi-dimensional.

This does not mean we did not have physical bodies, but that our consciousness expanded through many levels of being. We were telepathic, could levitate our bodies, and use the Force (like in Star Wars). 

In these times, the primary means by which we took in energy was through our Lightbody, called a Merkaba. This is a geometric field of light, love, and energy that is both within and surrounds the physical body and extends one's consciousness through all of the dimensions in this universe.

When we fell, we lost the ability to use our Lightbodies, and thus our ability to breathe energy also changed. We were limited to our physical 5 senses, losing our telepathic mental connection and oneness with all of creation. 

For the past 13,000 years, we have slowly been on a return journey back to the worlds of light, a powerful journey of discovery as humanity has sought answers to the questions of the universe, missing the one fundamental key all along: 
God Divine Within the Body.

The Lightbody is the key. Today, the Lightbody inherent in DNA is turning on, activating as we collectively return to a multi-dimensional understanding and a more expansive state of self-awareness.


Activate Your Lightbody

Full Course Overview

In four classes across four weeks, you will receive a complete download of the process of Activating your Merkaba, including an understanding about exactly what it is, how it works, and how you can become truly limitless.

You Will Learn...
  • The secret Ancient Egyptian 13-chakra system.
  • How to build your merkabic (lightbody) field.
  • How to exist dynamically between higher and lower dimensions at once, and move between them with grace.
  • How to balance your polarities and become harmonized with your higher self in time and space.
  • How to raise your consciousness higher than everyone around you.
  • And how it is possible to actually become limitless.
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Preliminary Content

When you enroll, automatically you receive access to a collection of wisdom teachings, videos, music, and mudras to get you started on your journey of Merkabic Activation.

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Class 1- The Nature of the Lightbody

In our opening class, we will discuss the profound nature of the Lightbody, how it works and what it can do. This will lay a foundation for everything that follows - helping you build and create your Merkaba, and then embody it.

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Class 2 - Building Your Lightbody 

This section is the longest, giving you a detailed look at the process that Jordan River went through in creating his Merkaba, the practices that were used and the lessons learned along the way - to assist you in activating and embodying your own Lightbody.

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Class 3 - Embodying Christ Consciousness

This third class will takes you into a new understanding of Christ Consciousness, and the process of transforming darkness to light with the vibrant light within you.

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Class 4 - The Way of the Avatar

Learning to use your Lightbody means becoming an Avatar for the forces that move heaven and earth. Becoming an Avatar is a process of giving yourself fully to Spirit, that you may become an instrument of complete inner-balance, and thus reflect that same balance outside of you. 

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Class 5 - The Lightbody Meditation

After having gone through all of the steps of understanding and designing your lightbody, clearing the energetic channels and understanding your luminous nature, it's time to bring it home with the Lightbody Meditation.

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Bonus 1: Foundational Resources 

Along with all of the material in the course, you also receive an additional library of bonus content to help you bring about the maximum results from using your Lightbody daily.


BONUS 2: Live Q&A With Jordan River after each class

Along with every 3-hour class, you'll receive an opportunity to ask the founder of Spirit Science & Spirit Mysteries - Jordan River, any question that is on your heart.

BONUS 3: Lifetime Mystery School Access

You will also receive lifetime access to a thriving community of light-workers and warriors on the quest of illumination and transcendent learning. This comes with a dedicated app for iOS and Android, and invitation to live-streams, events, and other courses as they drop.


Access Spirit Mysteries with an Initiate Membership

  • Full access to Spirit Mysteries complete course library of wisdom teachings and practices for transforming your life with higher consciousness.
  • Weekly Spirit Mysteries community events through storytelling, breathwork events, group meditations, and courses. 
  • Access to Spirit Mysteries private social network, where you can connect, share wisdom, and evolve with fellow members in your area and around the world.
  • Full Refund in 14 days so your purchase is completely safe.


Why Go Initiate?

With an Initiate membership, you are entering a community of growth-oriented thinking, and are invited to events and activities that support you to truly realize your innermost self, and fully embody the light of your Soul.

One-Time Payment

Standalone Course

    • Complete Activate Your Lightbody Transformational Course
    • Connect with other members across the Spirit Mysteries Network
    • Make posts, ask questions, hop into the live-chat and enjoy a high-vibing community.


One-Time Payment 

Get the Course with the

Initiate Membership

    • Full Access to all of Spirit Mysteries, including Activate Your Lightbody
    • Freedom to roam through almost every space inside Spirit Mysteries.   
    • Invitation to Weekly Breathwork, Meditation, Book Readings and Workshop Events
    • Over a thousand hours of content to explore and use in evolving your conscious vibration.


Limitless Access Membership

If someone asked me about the concept of my Lightbody before this course, I would have answered it with some answer I read in a book, or maybe what I've learned from Patchman in the episode about the Lightbody.

With this course, all my thoughts and ideas about the Lightbody became clearer and more potent. They are put into words by our guide Jordan in this Mystical, yet Physical experience.

Learning about the tools and step by step guidelines on how to raise my vibration, is the crucial point for putting words into action and doing my own practice for my HomePlay. I get to experience all that I've learned so far 🧙‍♀️✨

From Thoughts and Ideas -> to Words into Action -> Authentic and real experiences! 💯


- Sia Mitreska

Frequently Asked Questions

Our commitment is to your happiness, health, and wellbeing. If you enroll and are unsatisfied with the experience, let us know within 14 days and we'll happily refund your money. ^_^ 

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Questions? Email our team at [email protected]
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