Discover Your Natural Magick & Inner Power

2022 Almanac Special

Pathway to your Purpose 

Make 2022 a year you will never forget. 

  • Practice real-life Magick from ancient mystic teachings
  • Tap into your Inner Wisdom & Power to Manifest
  • Be comfortable with change and how to navigate it
  • Strengthen your energy field with supportive rituals that YOU create
  • Supercharge your Intuition with support from planetary cycles

Special Access Bonus

With this book, get FREE LIFETIME ACCESS to Spirit Mysteries!


  • Mobile App for iOS or Android
  • Main Feed of Articles, Posts, & Polls
  • Group Chat & DMs
  • Invitation to Monthly Guided Meditations

This special includes lifetime network access to Spirit Mysteries, including live all-member chats, posting feeds, topics, interests, and invitations to monthly astrology meditation events.

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I'm really enjoying this book and what it's doing to my personal view of the world. Expanding new horizons to say the least!

- Daniel C.-

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I've been using the Almanac every day! It's helping me be regular in my practices and prayers. I'm growing with perseverance day by day!

- Eric L -

PLUS Occult Mystery & Magick

Free 30-Day Trial

Make the most of your Almanac by uncovering the true history of magical practice...

  • Access the course for 1 month
  • Live classes + recordings
  • Cancel anytime

Within this course, you will...

  • Discover the true history of Magick
  • Explore wisdom from a variety of real-life Magickal schools
  • Empower your sacred manifestation process
  • Stay grounded in your practice with mentor guidance & community support
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New Year, New Cycle.

...How will you flow with the changes to come? 

All around us, there are seasons, phases, tides, migrations, and more; all movements return to their points of origin, only to be sent off again on another cycle. 

There are cycles of conception, birth, growth, fruition, decline, decay, death, and then rebirth in all things living. 

Nature is silently making these cycles apparent in both vivid and sometimes mysterious ways...  

And when we turn our attention to these cycles with an understanding that we are not separate from our observations, we see profound personal wisdom being communicated to us. 

Just as the natural kingdom functions on an innate knowing of its connection to the cycle of seasons, humankind is equipped with an innate knowing that connects us, not just to the same cycles and wisdom of the planet but also to the cosmos. 

This is not your grandma’s almanac...

Times are changing, but our connection to the Earth and cosmic cycles has never been more critical.

As we depart from a year of chaos and upheaval, and into a new future, we are presented with our most significant opportunity yet to utilize our skills and transform our lives!

The 2022 Almanac of the New Age is the choice tool for personal growth in the new year: A guide for personal transformation!

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In this book, you will discover:

  • A comprehensive and understandable education of 2022’s Astrology, Astronomy, and relevant energies
  • A complete guide to Tarot and its connections to certain planets, forces, and Zodiac signs
  • The nature and power of Planetary Magick and how the ancient gods influence our lives
  • A year-long energetic forecast, allowing you to more intentionally create your life in harmony with your environment
  • The energy and tides behind the seasons: when, where, and how certain currents of power are released on the Astral Plane and how they bring about the changes we see in the world before they happen
  • The secret origins of Wicca and Neo Druidry
  • How the Egyptians understood and used the Zodiac to time magickal rites
  • How to communicate with Dryads, Elemental Spirits, and Nature to create your own magickal tools, potions, and elixirs to bring health, power, and prosperity
  • A weekly Sacred Geometry calendar that you can use as visualizations in meditation to tune into a specific week’s energetic current to receive powerful downloads

2022 Almanac Special

Pathway to your Purpose


One-Time Investment,
Lifetime Benefits

  • Over 300 pages of transformative material
  • 15-month energetic forecast
  • Daily Solar, Lunar & Planetary positioning
  • Crash Courses on Mystic Arts, Magick and Astrology
  • Wisdom Teachings from All Generations
  • (Bonus!) Instant Access to Spirit Mysteries for LIFE
  • (Bonus!) Invitation to Monthly Meditation Events
  • (Bonus!) 30-Day Free Trial of Occult Mystery & Magick
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This special includes lifetime network access to Spirit Mysteries, including live all-member chats, posting feeds, topics, interests, invitations to monthly astrology meditation events, and a 30-day free trial of the Occult Mystery & Magick course.  
This network access also gives you access to exclusive opportunities for transformation and growth within Spirit Mysteries, not available to the general public.

Steeped in Science & Spirituality

The Spirit Science 2022 Almanac of the New Age draws its wisdom from various traditions.

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Traditional Witchcraft and Lore

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Meditation & Intuition

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Greco-Egyptian Magical Papyri

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Numerology & Tarot

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Planetary Rulership

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Special Bonus 

When you get the book, you'll also get a free bonus to enjoy right now...

Access the community and connect with thousands of beautiful souls just like you!

You are cordially invited...

Spirit Mysteries is a modern mystery school, community, and environment for self-mastery.

You're invited to join monthly community meditations and special Almanac events to make your 2022 a year of spiritual awakening and transformation.

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The Benefits 

It's not easy balancing your personal shifts with Cosmic Cycles - especially when you're going through intense transformation.

But when you become a member of Spirit Mysteries and attend monthly events,
you'll learn how to...

  • See the cosmic cycles every month
  • Recognize your passion and purpose within them
  • Stay informed and inspired through the ups and downs
  • Use this higher awareness as fuel for your personal transformation
  • Share your experience with the whole community
  • Contribute to the transformation of Collective Consciousness

What the Community is Saying...


This is like a Tarot/ Astrology/ Esoteric/ Pagan Wisdom guidebook all wrapped up into one amazing book!  If you want to stay up to date on Astrology and the energies of the earth through the year you will love this!  It even tracks the planetary hours if you want to use it as a guidebook to plan your magical rituals around!

- A.M. - 


As soon as I heard about a section on Druid Lore, I knew it was something special. This year’s almanac did away with all the journaling like last year… but they replaced it with even BETTER material to fill it up with everything I needed to get really grounded this year. The sections on Egyptian Astrology finally made my rituals work and I started getting real results! 

- C. L. -

Going through huge life transitions and transformation has been very hard on my body and mind, to the point where my personal moon cycles are scattered and imbalanced. I usually journal my experiences to track how they coincide with astrological forecasts, but this book is next level! It’s brimming with wisdom for me to reflect on and work with...super interactive! Almost like the diary from Chamber of Secrets...except instead of a spooky villain, I’m speaking with my soul. I’m excited to dive deeper, and carry it with me wherever I go...

 - M. Rose -


I never thought I would turn into my grandparents… yet there it is, on the table. Available to give us spooky insight as to what the stars have aligned and designed for any point in time. This new age model of the almanac though wasn’t like the others from when I was growing up. Instead of inquiring about what lottery numbers to pick, now I ask how I can understand what needs to shift to get me to not play lottery numbers any more. Thank you Spirit Science for keeping my head in the game. This book is a reminder that couldn’t be kinder that divinity always has a plan, and opportunities. 

- Jasper A. -

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Spirit Mysteries is extremely confident in The 2022 Almanac of the New Age's ability to support you. If you order this book and are not fully satisfied for any reason, ship it back to us within 14 days of receiving it and we'll give you a FULL refund of the price of the book!

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