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This was the most powerful meditation I have ever done. Thank you for this. Love and light to you all. ❤️✨🧬

- Maria C

What's the 12D Shield?

A Multidimensional Meditation Like No Other

The 12D Shield is a highly developed meditation technique and ritual designed to increase your spiritual potential, while also protecting your energetic field and bringing you into a state of cohesiveness with your higher self. 

When you enter into this meditative space, especially alongside the other Spirit Mysteries Members, you will be entering into a state of cohesive unity between your higher and lower self. This state will bring more energy into your body-temple, and help you to harmonize your mind and soul with the underlying Spirit. 

I did not realize how much I needed this. Brought tears to my eyes and I feel truly cleansed. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you. :)

- Alexis Inscho

What You'll Be Getting...

The Complete Workshop

Experience a powerful workshop that explores the nature of our psychic reality, and what we should do to purify our energetic fields. 

Event Recording for Life

Receive access to the event recording forever! Feel free to utilize it to your heart's content whenever you want. 

Community & Challenges

 The 12D Shield also comes with a Spirit Mysteries Community environment, so you can stay connected with the others who experienced this journey alongside you. 

The 12D Shield - Live Event Access

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  • Invitation to the Live Event taking place February 5th.
  • Receive lifetime access to the recordings.
  • Enter a Community Environment to stay connected.
  • Invitation to Future Events.
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Praise for the 12D Shield

Loved this, thank you ✌

-Mateus Cimini

Exactly what I needed. I'm leaving this lesson surrounded by a ball of light. Thank you.

-Jason Lavier

Amazing experience, second time. 💜💚🧡

- Rebecca Jones

Holy smokes! That was beautiful and awesome!

- Ryan Kuhlman

This is one of my favorite meditations of all time truly powerful :-)

- Garth Wolf

Thank you so much! This was an amazing experience. Love and light with you all.

- Nicole Krothe

Oh my goodness! Wow... I was not expecting that! This was so so so much needed, I have been feeling really heavy lately; I now feel soo much lighter, so free, it's been so long since I felt like this! That was so so powerful, wow... Ahh *deep breath*, feels good to be able to breathe once more. Thank you! xo

The workshop really spoke to me too, I was soo present while I was listening in. AH wow hahah I can't stop wowwing! lol!

Ah ok, once again thank you so much, I definitely will be doing this sacred mediation again when the time comes <3
much love xx

Keshini T.

Wow... by far the most powerful guided meditation I've ever seen... Thank you so much for sharing this wisdom and unifying the sovereignty in such an honorable and purified way.

The gratitude I have for spirit science in not only my growth and awakening, but the collective and beyond, is probably similar to how those facilitating this is my heart is in dance with yours 💕 to bring these types of teachings to our venue has been my mission, I've been in the process of shifting it from a party paradise to a sacred healing space and i know we will team up to crystallize the most one way or another. Thank you 🙏❣

- Brittany

I cannot even begin to express how much movement I experienced, pressure and pressure relief and lightness and shielding. I can't even put into words how peaceful this experience is! Thank you

- Destiny

Absolutely amazing! I found a blog once that had some clearing language similar to this. I tried so hard to find, but did not succeed. I felt a freedom tonight FROM THE LANGUAGE that gave me so much clarity. THANK YOU!

- Lucke Alexandre




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