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In this series, the creator of Spirit Science sits down to watch his old videos and provide some commentaries on the videos, some behind the scenes, and additional thoughts on the material.   

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About the Commentaries 

In this series, the creator of Spirit Science sits down to watch his old videos and provide some commentaries on the videos, some behind the scenes, and additional thoughts on the material.

Course Breakdown

In this series, the creator of Spirit Science sits down to watch his old videos and provide some commentaries on the videos, some behind the scenes, and additional thoughts on the material.

What Members have said about the course...

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Walter P.

I put my faith (and money) on the line and was rewarded with an experience that allowed me to grow more than I ever have before.

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Julian C.

I am shifting at such an incredible pace. I thank you so much for these incredible realizations of the process I am currently undertaking.

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Micah A.

I feel more like me than I have in many many years. I feel so connected to myself in a way that I haven't in years. I think that deep healing has happened. This was so perfect. Words cannot express my gratitude.

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Spirit Mysteries is an online, membership-only Mystery School containing hundreds of hours of trainings and a community of thousands of students across the world sharing in their spiritual discoveries and growth. You're only one click away from getting instant access to all of Spirit Mysteries!  Please check out below the sampling of courses and community waiting for you within the Spirit Science Mystery School.

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In an in-depth exploration of the nature of wealth and finances, you are guided through a 9+ hour workshop on transforming and improving your relationship with money.  Wisdom is shared stemming from ancient ancestors’ oral teachings through modern money systems.  This is not an information-only course, but rather a mindset-shifting and practically-focused workshop that guarantees results.

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One of the most influential, profound, and transformative ancient texts - The Emerald Tablets - has now been updated for our New Age. These treasures were hidden from humanity for centuries, translated in the early 19th century, and are now accessible in our modern language. In addition to the profound updated texts, Spirit Mysteries Initiates receive the full course of working with the teachings of the Tablets, and with Thoth himself.

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Patch Tarot Masters is the ultimate workshop in Patch Tarot (and maybe even Tarot in general!). Explore the esoteric mysteries to remarkable depth, and learn the nature of mystic alchemy and how the whole universe comes together within you.

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Spirit Medicine Walkers is a series exploring Plant Medicine and how to steer the medicine so that you can guarantee you will emerge on the other side with a more elevated state of consciousness than ever before.

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In Spirit Mysteries’ first collaboration, you will discover some of the unconscious patterns holding you back from more authentic relationships with your loved ones (and, of course, yourself).  Through real-life examples and science-backed methodologies, Initiates in this course are experiencing profound transformations in their personal relationships.

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The Seven-Day Transformation is a seven-day program to begin your journey into Spirit Mysteries. Herein you will receive a complete "download" of spiritual information and instruction on life transformation and begins your initiation into Spirit Mysteries. Thousands of spiritual seekers have taken this course, and the results are incredible.

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This digital library comes as a bonus with every enrollment in Spirit Mysteries. It is a collection of our favorite sources of spiritual wisdom and information from across the internet, collected and made readily accessible for you! The library includes informative videos exploring consciousness, relationships, breathwork, yoga, personal transformation, and so much more. This is not just a library but a resource for your expansion.

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Spirit Family is a significant spiritual community for seekers worldwide to gather together, connect, and share in the spiritual discoveries and growth we are going through. This sacred space is free of negativity and hate, so you are open to sharing with the safety of knowing that you are among family. Here in Spirit Mysteries, we are all Spirit Family, utilizing our private community centers to connect and evolve as we embark on this journey of powerful transformation together. The value, connection, and depth of this community truly is the spirit of  Spirit Mysteries.

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In our Community's spiritual practice, we learn to hone the body temple to keep our energetic field fluid and our bodies strong and flexible. Our weekly Community Yoga currently meets four days a week and is voluntarily community member-led. The flow is gentle and appropriate for everyone. One of these four weekly gatherings is dedicated strictly to breathwork to further assist us in vitalizing our physical and spiritual temple. Join us as we expand the mind, body, and spirit, together.

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Getting advice and guidance also comes in utilizing the tools of astrology, numerology, and the mystic arts.  Intuitive, empathic, and psychic Tarot readers are available on a topical-based schedule to Spirit Mysteries Initiates at no additional cost, providing wisdom-laden guidance.

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