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Spirit Shirts - Vishuddha (Throat Chakra) - Public

More than a shirt,
so much more...

Never before has a piece of clothing been crafted with such care, delicacy, and love, to deliver to you the ultimate vibrational raising experience as the brand new Spirit Shirt. 

Redesigned from the ground up, this wearable art is custom in every way. We sorted through hundreds of fabrics to find this exact perfect material (organic bamboo!), spent months designing every cut, trim, and fold of this sacred cloth, and even longer making sure it was guaranteed to instantly become your favorite article of clothing, period! 

After all was said and done, we were left with this outstanding and unique piece of wearable art that will change the way that you think about clothes forever. 

The new Throat Chakra Spirit Shirt is so unique that to us, it’s priceless, so we decided that this would become a sacred tunic for the members of Spirit Mysteries. Publically, the shirt is listed at $150 as a demonstration of its value, but it is yours today 33% off the cost for members of Spirit Mysteries. 

Our intention with these shirts is that they are sacred and special, to be worn during our gatherings both online and offline, such as during our group trips to Rythmia, the Mystical Yoga Farm, or other gatherings. 

May your new Spirit Shirt guide and protect you energetically from anything that may cross your path, support and uplift you into the light, and a new, expressive reality!  


Spirit Mysteries is committed to the satisfaction of every member and customer. If you receive this shirt and it does not fit or you are not completely satisfied, let us know at [email protected]. Within 30 days, if there is no damage, you may return the shirt for a refund of the price of the shirt. Return shipping will be paid by the customer.