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Vishuddha Initiate Special

With this special offer - you are getting your Spirit Shirt at the same rate as every other Mystery School Member - AND you are getting your first month of Spirit Mysteries as a BONUS! 

As an Initiate, you'll receive all the courses and workshops in the school, encompassing over 200 hours of content to enjoy, all designed around supporting you to raise your vibration, connect with spirit, and transform your reality! 

Your membership guarantees that you will receive access and invitation to every course and event that we launch moving forward. You will also get instant access to the Spirit Family, our growing community that makes it very easy to connect with other like-minded seekers around the world. This is a safe place to share, ask questions, and grow together in truth, love, and authenticity.

What's included:

  • Spirit Family Community
  • Wisdom Moon (Full Moon Gatherings)
  • Manifestation Moon (New Moon Gatherings)
  • Spirit Circle Gatherings (Weekly Community Social)
  • Invitation to Retreats
  • Seven-Day Transformation (Full Course)
  • The Library of Transformational Material
  • Tarot Life Mastery (Full Course)
  • Patch Tarot Masters (Full Course)
  • Spirit Science Commentaries 
  • The Evolution of Humanity (Complete Workshop)
  • Spirit Medicine Walkers (Full Course)
  • Tao Te Ching Meditation Course
  • Emerald Ascendency (Emerald Tablets)
  • Esoteric Emotional Mastery
  • Wisdom Wall X
  • Guided Meditations
  • Book of Spirit Digital Download
  • And More...

By completing this purchase, you are enrolling in The Spirit Science Mystery School and will join hundreds of other spiritual seekers.  We are pouring our hearts out to build the most complete and authentic mystery school for our modern era. 

Please keep in mind that this low price will increase based upon demand. Now is the time to enter the mysteries...

All costs and prices listed are in USD. By enrolling in this Mystery School, you are affirming that you are at least 18 years old and take full responsibility for your actions as a member.


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If you participate in the courses, fully engage in the community gatherings, and receive no value, gain no insights, and learn absolutely nothing, within 30 days, your money will be fully refunded!