$3,000.00 USD or more

With this purchase, you agree to keep all information pertaining to the story of Elixir private and confidential, exclusive to the community. You agree not to copy, steal, replicate, duplicate, or plagiarize this story in any way. You will not reveal any details of this story outwardly beyond the borders of this community, and will honour the wisdom and voice of those who you share the space with. You also acknowledge and agree that Jordan has final say in the way the story goes, and he can veto ideas that don't fit within the context of what is being created. Thank you for keeping the sanctity of this container sacred. 🙏✨💛

Elixir Pro-Building

In addition to the Elixir Worldbuilding Community (Described Below), this special offer also grants you special access to three private one-on-one calls with Jordan, to discuss the details of the story and to find a way to write yourself into the story. You will also have the opportunity to voice-act yourself in the series when that time comes in the stories telling. 

This is a cooperative and collaborative effort, and all additions to the story must fit within the context of the world we are building.

Change the World through Storytelling and Imagination!

Enter the world of Elixir; an epic adventure reflecting the struggles and dilemmas of human consciousness through a fantastic adventure story! Gain exclusive access to the continent of Ethos, the land in which the story takes place, and unlock a reality unlike anything that's been seen before...

Explore the complete telling of the Elixir Saga through a behind-the-scenes sharing of ideas, concept art, and commentaries. Receive the full overview of the plot and join in the development of the story to bring it to life in all of the ways that can mean. We are creating and inhabiting a universe here together in the space of the mind!

As a member of the Elixir Worldbuilding Community, you will gain access to explore the depths of Ethos to it's ultimate places; discover and develop the mysteries of this fantastic world, and find amazing relationships between the story and real life!

But it doesn't stop there, The Elixir Worldbuilding Community is a place where ideas are shared, discussed, and celebrated! Engage in thought-provoking conversations with fellow members, exchange insights, and contribute your own unique perspectives and ideas. All of our ideas are tempered against the collective voice and the wisdom of the story, which further refines and improves our understanding of it together. Your voice matters, and by joining this community you become an integral part of the storytelling process. As a member of the Elixir Worldbuilding Community, you will also have the opportunity to provide commentaries on the original episodes, share your thoughts and observations, and engage in meaningful discussions with other passionate fans. Your insights can shape the way others perceive and experience this story!

But perhaps the most exciting aspect of joining the Elixir Worldbuilding Community is the opportunity to participate in telling of the story itself. Your ideas can be integrated into the next episode, which will be animated and published on the Spirit Science Youtube Channel. Your creativity and imagination have the power to influence the direction of the narrative. Your questions and considerations will help the story and world become indestructible. In other words, you can prevent the story from having giant loopholes that makes the world less realistic and fall apart when challenged.

In this space, you are invited to contribute your ideas, collaborate with other members, and leave your mark on this extraordinary journey. Join the Elixir Worldbuilding Community today and be a part of something truly transformative. Together, we can change the world through the power of storytelling.