Embrace The Value of One-On-One Support During Your Transformation

One-On-One Spirit Counselors 

In Spirit Mysteries, we take very seriously the work required during personal transformation and know it can oftentimes come with challenges, confusion, indecision, and maybe even some triggers. These inner obstacles surface or develop, though we don't have to face them alone. Our counselors are connected with Spirit and are of service for initiates through this area of your life.

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Compassionate Support

Our spirit counselors are people just like us who have challenges, emotions, and paradigms that shift from life's spiritual awakenings. They share and understand the process of personal transformation just like you.

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Sacred Space

These One-on-One sessions are held as a very sacred space. Confidentiality and respect for what you need support with are always on our heart when it comes to offering our community help. These sessions are designed specifically for you to have space to express yourself and feel.

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Honest and Open Communication

The more we can trust  others to help us heal ourselves and let go of what's holding us back, the more clear our energy body and spirit may become. We are beings that need to share and be heard for our spirit to grow.

I'm ready for a Spiritual Community and Extra Support!

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About the Support

Spirit Mysteries employs cognitive-behavioral specialists to provide additional support to you as you strive towards the application of your unique gifts in this lifetime. Through one-on-one and group meetings, as a Spirit Mysteries Mystic Initiate, you may choose this support for various reasons, such as to process your personal transformation story, or to invite additional insights and resources into the struggles you are having, or to gain clarity in your creative direction.

What Members are saying about the Support...

 This is so beautiful and sacred!
I have never felt this comfortable in my own home and skin before. I am no longer afraid! I remember my Purpose now. The gravity of this experience is unexplainable!

- David S. -

The interconnectedness that I feel and the synchronicities I see cannot be imagined, thank you so much for helping to guide the way on this lovely journey.

- Andy C. -

I’m already feeling a shift, I’m so grateful for getting this opportunity.

- Jodie C. -

Spirit Mysteries Mystic Membership


Your Mystic Membership Includes:

  • 200+ Hours of Training
  • Dozens of Courses
  • Daily Live Community Events
  • Complete Recorded Library
  • Full Community Access
  • Invitation to Retreats
  • One-On-One Counseling
  • And SO MUCH More!
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  • Speak with experienced Support Staff
  • 30 minutes
  • Connect over any questions you have
  • Inquire about courses, workshops, and events
  • Voice any concerns or worries
  • Personalized Live Voice Support  

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What else do you get?

Your membership to Spirit Mysteries includes so much more than JUST a couple of events! Spirit Mysteries is an online, membership-only Mystery School containing hundreds of hours of trainings and a community of thousands of students across the world sharing in their spiritual discoveries and growth.

Here's a look at some of the courses and events you'll get access to! 

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Tarot Life Mastery

A full feature course covering both introductory and advanced material, explaining the nature of Tarot, Astrology, Qabalah, Hermeticism, and more!

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Heart Centered Relationships

A special workshop exploring how to cultivate the highest quality of relationships, and live together in harmony.

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The Evolution of Humanity

A complete workshop presented at Rythmia, providing insights into the true nature of our species, and where we are headed...

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The Library of Transformational Materials

A special library of insightful, transformation, and wisdom-filled videos that will ignite inspiration within you to no end!

....and so much more!

Spirit Mysteries hosts a plethora of courses that are ever-expanding, and with your membership you get access to ALL of it!

You ALSO get access to live group events:

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Spirit Circle

Spirit Circle is a twice-weekly gathering where members gather together to discuss and explore anything they want. It is a safe and sacred space for the exploration of experience, our nature, and higher consciousness.

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Wisdom Moons

Every full moon, members gather together for a two-hour workshop to explore a different aspect of the mysteries of life! All previous workshops are available for instant streaming.

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Members are invited to join us for yearly retreats at various locations, everything from Rythmia to the Mystic Yoga Farm. It's a great opportunity connect deeper with members and evolve our consciousness together.

Your Deeper Connection!

The One-On-One Support we offer is designed and intended  to connect and amplify you with your intentional manifestations in the highest possible way. Initiates hold this space as Sacred, as we do for every aspect of the Spirit Science Mystery School ~ Spirit Mysteries.

Let's Do This!


If you participate in the courses, fully engage in the community gatherings, and receive no value, gain no insights, and learn absolutely nothing, within 30 days, your money will be fully refunded!

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