Are your subconscious habits stopping you from a deeper connection?

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How to Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind for Heart-Centered Relationships

Through real-life examples and science-backed methodologies, students in this course are experiencing profound transformations in their personal relationships.

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Perceptual Filtering

Discover the subconscious contents of your mind by investigating what perceptions and associations you have about fundamental aspects of relationships. These will exist at the belief and thought levels.

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BTEA Framework

Make conscious what our own personal (B)eliefs, (T)thoughts, (E)motions, (A)ctions are when triggered. By uncovering these we can than work to reprogram and repattern any limiting beliefs.

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Activate your vulnerability, and through facilitated practice, overcome your core limiting beliefs. Co-create your action plan with a step-by-step reprogramming guide for guaranteed results in your life.

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In This Effective Training, You'll Discover…

  • 4 Key Subconscious Programs That Distract Us From Staying Rooted in Your Heart...
  • How to Source These Programs...
  • Life-Changing Techniques For Identifying Needs & Creating Healthy Communication
  • THE Step-by-Step Framework for Engaging With Your Subconscious
  • 6 Key Tools To Keep You In Your Heart During Challenging Interactions...
  • Dozens Of Real-Life Examples To Illustrate The Teachings...
  • And much, much more…

Disclaimer: This opportunity we are sharing is for those who are genuinely ready to take responsibility for their relationships. Every student in the program is required to do a lot of work. To be able to utilize this information you must be willing to show up for yourself and follow the steps to get the results.  This is NOT an “information only” course.  You will be given assignments and practices – i.e. homework – to do in between trainings. If you do nothing but show up, you will see no results. This is not for you if you are someone who wants a transformational experience without engaging in your own life.

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FULL COURSE - Heart-Centered Relationships


This Course Includes:

  • 3+ hours of transformative and educational instruction
  • THE toolkit to open your heart and let authentic love in
  • Examples on how relationship transformation occurs
  • A framework for making real relationship upgrades
  • All bonus downloads, including complementary workbook
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  • Money-back guarantee
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What's covered in this course?

In an in-depth exploration of the nature of our subconscious and its effects your relationships, you will be empowered with the tools to rebuild and refresh every relationship in your life.

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Welcome to the Course

Align yourself for real, authentic, heart-opening love. Set up your space and your energy. Meet your Instructor and get an overview of the course and its modules.

Four Unconscious Patterns We Bring Into A Relationship

Discover unconscious patterns we bring into relationships, What takes you out of your heart, the source of your stories and understanding your perceptual filters, reprogramming these stories, identifying relationship needs, communicating authentically, and tips and tools to stay in your heart.

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Parent Patterns and Needs Trauma

Understand the nature of pain from our past and how we bring this emotional baggage into the present. As we learn more about the impact of our past, our subconscious filter, and gene regulation and expression, you will be given impactful exercises to help better understand and heal from these patterns.

How We Bring the Ego into the Relationships

Here we dive deeper into the 4 unconscious patterns we learned about earlier and look at how we can change these patterns by identifying our subconscious programs and rewiring the subconscious. You will be given practical tips, tools and exercises to cultivate a clear mind and an open heart.

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Heart-Centered Tips and Tools

As we wrap up this impactful course we dive into heart-centered tips and tools that will help you transform and cultivate healthy and heart-centered relationships.

Your Open Heart Awaits!

This course is designed to give you the tools - and accountability measures - to open yourself up to new and purpose-driven relationships. Join the hundreds of students seeing real results by implementing the simple practices in this course...

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What people are saying about Spirit Mysteries...

Jordan and team, this Spirit mystery school is so much more than I thought it would be. I love every aspect of the way these mysteries are taught and the content that is covered.

This creation (Spirit Mysteries) comes from a deep place of embodying every truth taught here and that is why I feel such a resonance with it.

Thank you for your dedication and the amazing changes this will create in the world.

- Nienie W. -

I have been following your videos since the very first one! No kidding!!!! I am a huge fan and will continue to support what you are doing! I work in the spiritual field and everything that you teach resonates with all that I have learned!! I even learn more from you!! Thank you!!!

- Tracy B.N. -

I am just happy to have this to focus on. I am grateful for everyones love and patience with me as I move on and out of fear.

- Brandy S -

I now have the courage to declare that my life is good and worth living. That my life means something and that is reflected all around us. I love you and everyone who reads this. Can you feel it? If you do maybe it's a sign.

- Sean K -

This place seems to have its own dynamic, and through the higher support from above, it allows for the rapid…. everything! Like we are living in this still kind of dense reality, but this place is like a bubble that allows...well, us Old Souls to do things at our own pace.

- Anonymous Initiate -

Spirit Mysteries has reconnected me with parts of my soul I have lost touch with. I have learned how responsible I need to be to live the life I want. After enrolling I have grown to respect life with a greater compassion.

- Bryant L -

 This is so beautiful and sacred!
I have never felt this comfortable in my own home and skin before. I am no longer afraid! I remember my Purpose now. The gravity of this experience is unexplainable!

- David S. -

Jordan’s modern young approach is revitalizing and telling of this New Era that has begun. He has understood and, furthermore, embodied the ancient teachings to such a captivating point that eyes are starting to notice that here lies a force to be reckoned with. I strongly recommend anyone feeling the call of awakening and ascension to join and be part of the change”.

– María A. -

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For those interested in Full Membership Option listed above - Spirit Mysteries is our online social and transformative platform for the evolution of consciousness. We host a range of workshops and live events for members on a regular basis, from daily gatherings to larger full-and-new-moon events. Members are welcome to participate at whatever level they feel compelled to. This space is especially powerful if you are feeling lonely or disconnected, and wanting connections with other spiritual seekers, or just want to take your own growth to the next level.

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Tarot Life Mastery

A full feature course covering both introductory and advanced material, explaining the nature of Tarot, Astrology, Qabalah, Hermeticism, and more!

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Spiritual Money Mastery

Transform your relationship with money - dropping much of what you've been told even in the New Age community - and realize financial abundance.

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The Evolution of Humanity

A complete workshop presented at Rythmia, providing insights into the true nature of our species, and where we are headed...

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The Library of Transformational Materials

A special library of insightful, transformation, and wisdom-filled videos that will ignite inspiration within you to no end!

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Spirit Circle

Spirit Circle is a twice-weekly gathering where members gather together to discuss and explore anything they want. It is a safe and sacred space for the exploration of experience, our nature, and higher consciousness.

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Manifestation Moons

Every New Moon, Initiates gather together in a live-stream to support each other in living our dreams, through conscious intention and purposeful meditation.

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Members are invited to join us for yearly retreats at various locations, everything from Rythmia to the Mystic Yoga Farm. It's a great opportunity connect deeper with members and evolve our consciousness together.


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If you fully complete this course, complete the homework and implement the strategies, you will experience a meaningful relationship transformation, and if you don't, we will happily refund your money within 30 days!

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Disclaimer: This opportunity Patchman is sharing is for those who are genuinely ready to step into something new. Every student in the program is required to do a lot of work.

To be able to utilize this information you must be willing to show up for yourself and follow the steps to get the results.  This is NOT an “information only” course.  You will be given assignments and practices – i.e. homework – to do in between trainings. If you do nothing but show up, you will see no results. This is not for you if you are someone who wants a transformational experience without engaging in your own life.