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The financial challenges in life can be very real. Though do they stem from our outside circumstances, or inside our own perceptions.. of Money?

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The Nature of Wealth

Explore the wisdom that's beneath the surface of what money seemingly means in our world today with insights from a greater cosmic existence.

Fully Express Abundance

Recognize that the wealth we experience is truly an expression of what we have learned, cultivated, and worked to believe inside ourselves. Find the inner wellspring of your Financial expansion.

Tap Into Your Potential

Money is not just something outside of us that we exchange. It also comes from within us as an expression of our own relationship with our divine abundance.

What's Included...

Energy of Money

Money Systems


Bonus Material

In this free video, you'll learn how each of these aspects of Money comprise a greater understanding of money that transcends phsycial meaning. Find out the ENERGY behind what we call currency, and how it allows us to do something much great. Share, Exchange, and Grow.

The Spiritual Money Mastery workshop forever changed the way I look at the concept of money.  Jordan and Ben broke through several money myths that I didn't even know I subconsciously held on to.  I learned to think of the money as a reward for giving people quality service or enhancing their productivity rather than something I "earn".  Because of this workshop, I decided to get a money mentor and invest in a training class to learn a high-income skill  - investing in myself.  I highly recommend this workshop.  It changed my life.

- Karen E.-

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