Tarot Life Mastery

Tarot Life Mastery is a complete 14-hour workshop designed to introduce you to the essential structure of Tarot and provide you with instructions on how you can practically use this powerful tool to understand life and evolve across the board.

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14 Hours of Training
Esoteric Mysticism
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About the Course

Tarot is a comprehensive and dynamic art that weaves together the elements, the Kabbalistic tree of life, Numerology, Astrology, archetypal energies and more.

Tarot Life Mastery is a complete 14-hour workshop designed to introduce you to the essential structure of the Tarot and provide you with instructions on how you can practically use this powerful tool to understand life and evolve across the board. 

In addition to an overview of the cards and card structure there is also a comprehensive layout of the history of Tarot as well as a basic overview of all esoteric structures involved in understanding Tarot on an esoteric level. 

There is so much more to understand than just the card meanings themselves and the course will help you to build an inner framework for all of the connections that make this such a powerful art!


Course Breakdown


Module 1: An Introduction to Tarot

Enjoy the introduction to this deep and explorative course on Tarot and its connections to other esoteric systems, as well as the history and basic structure. Dive deep into the the Tarot with us and explore secrets that will help you to understand the most illuminated methods with which to approaching Tarot as a tool for transformation and divination.

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Module 2: The Major Arcana

Discover the deep and powerful narrative that encompasses the first twenty two trump cards of the Major Arcana. Here you will be given clarity on how Patch Tarot is an evolution of the traditional Tarot decks and how the story of spiritual evolution is expressed through the progression of these cards.

Module 3: The Minor, Holy and Royal Arcana

Learn about the supportive suits of the Tarot that help to give life and detail to the Major Arcana. Here you will explore the four added Major (Holy) Arcana that are exclusive to Patch Tarot.  You will also gain understanding on the four Minor Arcana suits, their flow and their evolution. As well as the Royal Arcana, and how they bring a more dynamic and blending element to all of the Arcanas. 

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Module 4: Astrology & Tarot

Tarot and Astrology go hand in hand! In this module, you will be given an overview of how Astrology and Tarot compliment and complete one another. You will learn about the basics of the planets, the Astrological signs, and see how they all fit upon the wisdom wheel.


Module 5: Hermetics & Tarot

This module takes you on a deeper dive into the Hermetic teachings that animate and imbue Tarot with rich and ancient knowledge.  You will gain a basic understanding of the structure of the Tree of Life and how the Tarot is integrated within in it. You will learn how numerological information, as well as the four elements, are applied to the Tarot structure of the Minor Arcana. This module closes with an integrated and extensive explanation of hermetic principles and how to apply them to your life. 

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Module 6: Kabbalah & Tarot

Kabbalah is an ancient Jewish mystical teaching that is rooted to the wisdom of the Tarot.  This module takes you into a profound understanding of the concepts and wisdom within the Kabbalah.  This information is integrated together to create a natural understanding of how to use Tarot as a tool for ascension. 

Module 7: What’s Next?

In closing, you will be introduced to a highly effective method for memorizing and integrating the Tarot cards and their meanings. The 82 day challenge gives you a structured format with which to hone and master this incredible skill!


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What Members have said about the course...

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Sasha W.

Straight into the secret wisdom.....I got goosebumps as each new secret was revealed...Love this DEEP esoteric exploration of your beautiful world.

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Amy D.

Yep....whole new level of awareness with all of this! It’s genius.

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Guillermo H.

It sure gave me the feeling that the use of the Tarot is going to be an amazing tool as guidance for spiritual growth.

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