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Realize your REAL EYES NOW With The Awakening Meditation!

Are you ready to breathe into and awaken your presence, awareness, and how it intertwines with your conscious experience?  Download the Awakening Meditation here and firmly stand in the light of your truth.

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The Awakening Meditation

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Know Thy Spirit

A state of activation is upon you. A new, benevolent awareness. A more expansive perception of your self catalyzes your passions and your confidence to evolve your mind.

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Seize The Moment

Connect to your physical, waking process each day. Awakening is perpetual and intentional.  Your spirit is perpetual. Your life is intentional. Illuminate yourself with light within you. 

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Be Within Divine Order

Your desire to reach for higher consciousness compels motion. Open your crown to give and to receive. Make room for a new world, a new experience of life itself. Be love.

Get The Awakening Meditation

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